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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] August 20, 2021


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ma.gif Mage
  • Corrected health of spell_magic_lesserinvisibilty.gif Mirror Images
  • ability_mage_wintersgrasp.gif Fingers of Frost can no longer proc from non-chill effects

  • dr.gif Druid
  • druid_ability_wildmushroom_a.gif Wild Mushrooms will now be displayed as totems beneath player's unit frame

  • war.gif Warrior
  • Reworked terrain check for ability_heroicleap.gif Heroic Leap on angled surfaces



  • Dungeon finder item level calculation now matches client equipment screen calculation and is updated without relogging.
  • Corrected item level requirements for Well of Eternity & Hour of Twilight dungeons
  • Corrected inv_misc_dice_01.gif Luck of the Draw application logic
  • Group leader flag is now properly removed when party completely disbands.

  • Wailing Caverns

  • Corrected positioning of Lady Anacondra & Skum

  • Bastion of Twilight

      Halfus Wyrmbreaker

      • Fixed spell rotation
      • Corrected internal cooldown of ability_warrior_battleshout.gif Furious Roar
      • Corrected cursor icons for Drakes & Whelp cage
      • Whelp cage cannot be opened before starting the fight
      • Whelps now move out of the cage upon being released before they start attacking

      Valiona & Theralion

      • Fixed flying "airwalk" animations



      • Shadowy Orbs no longer melee attack players while fixated




      • spell_nature_earthbind.gif Hurl Spear now properly displays the spear's location
      • Added/Corrected 18 voicelines, corrected quote chances


      • Boss has been slightly repositioned
      • Implemented all quotes and voicelines
      • Boss now properly reports his first kill


    Dragon Soul

  • Hagara the Stormbinder's Frozen Binding Crystals can no longer melee attack nearby players
  • Twilight Sapper is now Humanoid

  • PVP


  • inv_banner_03.gif The Flag of Ownership will now be centered on the closest hostile player's corpse, and properly displays text emote on use
  • Reworked cooldowns resetting for duels in Elwynn Forest / Durotar
  • Forfeiting a duel during the countdown timer will count as a forfeit rather than a deny
  • Cleaned up rules for whispering cross faction battleground teammates

  • Twin Peaks

  • Leaving players will drop the opponents' flag rather than returning it

  • Strand of the Ancients

  • Added a barrel to the docks to prevent players getting stuck between stanchions

  • Eye of the Storm

  • Added missing flag capture visual to Fel Reaver ruins


    Mount Hyjal & Molten Front

  • Corrected health of Unbound Flame Spirits
  • Reworked phasing system, fixed problem with entering Firelands raid
  • Created/Reworked/Improved scripts/phasing for 112 NPCs/items/objects/bunnies/spells
  • Spawned/repositioned several bunnies/creatures
  • Fixed dialogue for Vision of Ysera
  • Updated and fixed quest templates for Molten Front
  • Fixed quest givers and returns for Guardians of Hyjal: Call of the Ancients & Firelands Invasion!
  • Reworked area, repositioned creatures and objects, moved correct npcs to correct phases, spawned missing npcs
  • Call the Flock - fixed achievement http://cdn.cavernoftime.com/cata/icons/medium/ability_hunter_eagleeye.gif Ludicrous Speed
  • Reworked RP event scene for Leyara
  • Created pool of daily quests available at the same time in The Regrowth

  • The Scarlet Enclave

  • Updated quest templates, corrected flags, corrected quest chains, fixed quest markers on minimap
  • Reworked zone phasing for 7 phases
  • Hid ~30 bunnies around the zone, repositioned lots of NPCs, removed teleporters
  • Scripted/added waypoints/events/weapons/models for 108 NPCs
  • Corrected interactability/behaviour of 17 objects/spells
  • Fixed phasing in Death's Breach, moved creatures to proper phases, repositioned mobs, updated npc auras and states
  • Corrected flight speed of Scourge Gryphon
  • Decreased spawn time for all creatures to 2 minutes
  • How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies - increased chance of success event
  • Corrected objective log text for Warchief's Blessing, corrected portal destination, added mini events for guards upon arrival

  • Westfall

  • Players can no longer kill NPCs after they had given clues during Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me
  • Decreased Lou's Parting Thoughts event intervals to 30 seconds
  • Corrected visual aesthetics for Feeding the Hungry and the Hopeless, Secrets of the Tower, Propaganda

  • Gilneas

  • Druids can no longer get stuck during escort quests (such as Exodus) or cutscenes while in shapeshift form

  • MISC

  • Corrected calculations for stacking damage cooldowns (offensive/defensive, increase/reduction, incoming/dealt, etc.)
  • Laid foundations of scripts for inv_potionc_5.gif Potion of Illusion
  • Fixed gossip for trainers who offer Dual Talent Specialization
  • Various SAI improvements.


  • Added 3 items missing from Dalaran vendors, corrected prices, and added Heirloom rings/legs
  • Laid foundations for Cross-faction Auction House

  • All previous changelogs are archived on our forums. You can access them by clicking here.


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