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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Info] Alterac Valley Titans


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Alterac Valley has two titan bosses available to help the game end.
Both will spend 10 minutes roaming the middle field, and then proceed to just outside the enemy base, killing anything in their path.
Once they reach their final destination, they will roam randomly for the remainder of the game.

Both bosses spawn with 21.4 million health and 3.3 million mana.


Ivus the Forest Lord

Ivus the Forest Lord fights for the alliance using a toolkit similar to balance druids, utilizing spread damage to apply pressure on larger groups.

  • Ivus attacks with (50,000 - 70,000) base melee damage every 3 seconds.
  • Ivus will regularly apply/refresh faerie fire on targets nearby.
  • Ivus will regularly apply/refresh moonfire on targets nearby.
  • Ivus will occasionally mass root.
  • Ivus will alternate between wrath and starfire for damage as well as melee attacks.

Summoning Ivus:

  • [Storm Crystal] is rewarded for scoring the killing blow on horde players.
  • Return these to Archdruid Renferal and complete [Ivus the Forest Lord](1 credit) or [Crystal Cluster](5 credits).
  • Once 200 have been turned in, Ivus will spawn in the field of strife and yell:
    "Wicked, wicked, mortals! The forest weeps. The elements recoil at the destruction. Ivus must purge you from this world!"


Lokholar the Ice Lord

Lokholar the Ice Lord fights for the horde using a toolkit similar to frost mages, utilizing crowd control to mitigate incoming damage.

  • Lokholar attacks with (29,400 - 41,160) base melee damage every 3 seconds.
    Lokholar will gain a stack of swell of souls upon killing an enemy unit (NPC or Player).
    At 7 stacks of swell of souls, Lokholar will deal (50,000 - 70,000) melee damage. swell of souls can stack up to 10 times.
  • Lokholar will regularly apply/refresh frost shock on targets nearby.
  • Lokholar will alternate between freezing his main target and a random target.
  • Lokholar will occasionally mass nova.
  • Lokholar will alternate between blizzard and frostbolt for damage as well as melee attacks.

Summoning Lokholar:

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