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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] June 26, 2021


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sh.gif Shaman

hu.gif Hunter

  • ability_hunter_mendpet.gif Mend Pet no longer ignores distance limit between the caster and the pet without a target selected



  • Not accepting / declining the Dungeon Finder queue pop now grants 3 minutes of achievement_bg_ab_kill_in_mine.gif Dungeon Deserter
  • Corrected immunity checks for 46 total NPCs


Blackrock Caverns

The Stonecore

  • Corborus is no longer skippable, Thrashing Charge bunny is now untargetable

Grim Batol

End Time

  • Corrected Fragments Collected counter visibility on the Echo of Jaina fight




  • Fixed Rated BG scoreboard (except Rating Change column) ( Before / After )
  • Corrected cross faction emblem animations for spell_shadow_charm.gif Every Man of Himself and PvP trinkets
  • All druid shapeshift forms will now adjust to crossfaction race models
  • 142 faction-related mounts will now morph into a crossfaction counterpart while a player is not on their home team
  • Worgens are no longer able to cast achievement_worganhead.gif Two Forms if playing for the Horde
  • inv_potion_04.gif Free Action Potion now lasts 6 seconds
  • Capturing bases in Battlegrounds now display the red fiery helix visual effect
  • Changing Arena team captains will properly delete duplicate teams of the old captain in that bracket
  • Deleting Arena teams now sweeps for any existing teams of the type and the owner


Tol Barad

  • Corrected minigame HUD


Ruins of Lordaeron

  • Added multiple collision objects to prevent certain AOE spells from hitting through gravestones


Alterac Valley

  • Added waypoints to ~40 NPCs


Kezan & The Lost Isles


  • Fixed first chapter of questline (Gilneas City), updated quest templates, corrected flags
  • Fixed all class quests available for the Worgen race
  • Reworked 5 progressive phases
  • Scripted ~50 NPCs/objects/items/spells (damage, emotes, gossip, events, interactability, AI, spawns/despawns, waypoints, position, etc)
  • Added ~3 questline transition cutscenes


  • Cleaned up ~10000 NPCs (reposition/delete/add/visuals) Before / After


  • Pets will no longer move towards friendly units when the owner buffs them
  • Worgen and Goblin players will now properly get every racial ability updated after race/faction changing
  • Guild Herald is now holding the guild banner
  • Players who get muted at the character selection screen will be disconnected
  • Death Knights will need to level up the same number of levels as any other class to talk (in case of chat level restrictions)
  • Blocked possible exploits that would allow players to gain talents under level 10
  • Potion cooldowns no longer check for "Encounter in progress"
  • Scripted inv_axe_1h_deathwingraiddw_d_01.gif No'Kaled, the Elements of Death (all versions) damage procs - attacks performed by one hand can no longer proc damage of the other, excluded inv_weapon_shortblade_15.gif Main Gauche

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