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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] May 29, 2021


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war.gif Warrior
  • ability_warrior_bloodsurge.gif Bloodsurge now properly increases ability_warrior_decisivestrike.gif Slam and ability_warrior_decisivestrike.gif Slam Off-Hand damage
  • Corrected damage scaling for ability_hunter_swiftstrike.gif Raging Blow Off-Hand, ability_warrior_decisivestrike.gif Slam Off-Hand, and Fury off-hand inv_sword_04.gif Auto Attack

  • pa.gif Paladin
  • Corrected inv_helmet_96.gif Word of Glory scaling

  • ma.gif Mage
  • spell_frost_frostarmor02.gif Chilled can no longer grant ability_mage_wintersgrasp.gif Fingers of Frost charges and can no longer proc from ranged physical abilities
  • ability_mage_frostfirebolt.gif Frostfire Bolt damage is now properly boosted by spell_fire_fire.gif Fire Specialization

    Blackrock Caverns

  • Corrected Runty positioning, applies spell_shadow_unholyfrenzy.gif Berserk to boss on death
  • Ascendant Lord Obsidius will now always pull together with all Shadows of Obsidius
  • Scripted Evolved Twilight Zealot's spell_shadow_ritualofsacrifice.gif Gravity Strike

  • Stonecore

  • Corrected Corborus spawn, can no longer be skipped, Thrashing Charge indicator is no longer visible
  • Corrected Crystal Shard behaviour
  • Corrected Slabhide intro pathing and behaviour
  • Fixed High Priestess Azil's spell_arcane_blast.gif Energy Shield

  • Throne of the Tides

  • Players using an immunity such as spell_frost_frost.gif Ice Block to remove Mindbender Ghur'sha's spell_shadow_mindtwisting.gif Enslave will no longer die from the spell "expiring" on Heroic and Mythic difficulty, the fight resets properly on group wipe

  • The Vortex Pinnacle

  • Corrected range check for Altairus' spell_nature_chainlightning.gif Lightning Blast
  • Asaad is no longer interruptible

  • Grim Batol

  • Reworked movement for Battered Red Drake, scripted ability_mage_firestarter.gif Engulfing Flames
  • Fixed Soften them Up quest credit NPCs
  • Corrected Forgemaster Throngus' spell_fire_moltenblood.gif Burning Flames stacks application speed and logic, inv_shield_76.gif Personal Phalanx now blocks auto attacks as well
  • Drahga Shadowburner fight now resets properly, corrected Valiona's ground state animations
  • Faceless Corruptors now attack players after ability_warlock_everlastingaffliction.gi Twilight Corruption, their movement speed now resets correctly after reducing aura expires
  • Scripted Ascendant Waterlasher's spell_nature_eyeofthestorm.gif Lightning Cloud
  • Scripted Azureborn Seer's spell_fire_twilightpyroblast.gif Warped Twilight

  • End Time

  • Fixed visual link for Echo of Sylvanas' Risen Ghouls, ability_rogue_envelopingshadows.gif Seeping Shadows now stacks correctly
  • Undying Flames now deal damage and move around at the Obsidian Dragonshrine
  • Scripted Time-Twisted Seer's spell_fire_lavaspawn.gif Call Flames & spell_fire_immolation.gif Sear Flesh
  • Scripted Time-Twisted Breaker's inv_misc_volatileearth.gif Rupture Ground
  • PVP


  • Corrected ~50 Battleground announcement chat notifications to show more accurate information (grammar, format, etc)
  • Fixed Rated Battleground timer visual
  • Implemented dynamic weights to balance Random Battlegrounds
  • Votekicking from BGs will remove players properly when the second debuff fades

  • Twin Peaks

  • Entering the Alliance Base via the western door without jumping now dismounts players properly

  • Strand of the Ancients

  • Added immunity to Demolishers

  • Isle of Conquest

  • All bombs are now respawning properly
  • Corrected ending message and rewards

  • Arathi Basin

  • Corrected sound effect on initial base assaults

  • Alterac Valley

  • Corrected health and mana for 6 NPCs
  • Archers no longer force friendly units into combat
  • Bosses and Marshals will properly call for assistance when aggroed
  • Icewing Marshal will no longer buff players or incorrect NPCs

    Kezan & The Lost Isles

  • Fixed questlines, updated templates, corrected flags, panels now close properly on quest completion
  • Reworked phasing in the zone, removed ~10 old custom NPCs
  • Improved scripts/events/item spells for ~45 quests
  • Restored quest objective/gossip menu for ~10 quests
  • Scripted/phased/repositioned ~230 NPCs/objects
  • Separated 3 quests for Male/Female characters
  • Corrected drop rates for ~15 items
  • Corrected all class specific quests
  • Sister Goldskimmer is no longer spamming buffs
  • Evol Fingers & Fizz Lighter are now casting spells on each other
  • Added conditions for The Keys to the Hot Rod
  • Liberate the Kaja'mite - scripted Kaja'mite Deposit and quest item spell target, now spawns parts properly on object hit
  • Waltz Right In - disguise now disappears when entering combat, instantly refreshes itself when leaving combat
  • Goblin Escape Pods - spell_shaman_tidalwaves.gif Thermohydratic Flippers now apply/fade properly
  • Get Our Stuff Back! - quest objects are no longer selectable without quest in log, decreased spawntime
  • Corrected minimap objective tracker visual indicator for Who's Top of the Food Chain Now?
  • Release the Valves - added visual "steam" effect after the valves are turned


  • Scripted, fixed loot, updated damage, corrected respawn timer for ~45 rare spawns and ~135 treasure chests in starter zones
  • Players can now get Rested experience in Goldshire

  • Visually revamped 40 total zones/areas in Eastern Kingdoms & Kalimdor, by doing the following:

    NPCs: (~18000 total)

  • Population reduced by 50% - 409
  • Population reduced by 90% - 3
  • Removed - 272

  • Corrected:

  • Models - 13
  • Weapons - 35
  • Gravity - 333
  • Roaming - 316
  • Movement speed - 207
  • Waypoints - 103
  • Phase - 126
  • Animations - 16
  • Auras - 12
  • Behaviour - 11
  • Immunities - 78
  • Faction - 1
  • Level - 1
  • Position - 48

  • Objects:

  • Properties - 42
  • Removed - 12
  • Position - 2
  • Phase - 9
  • MISC

  • Fixed issue with auctions sometimes not showing the set price correctly
  • Reworked guild perk achievement_guildperk_cashflow_rank2.gif Cash Flow, now should sum up and add only one report log per week
  • Added basic rate limits for vendoring items and sending messages in various channels for spam prevention
  • Increased friends and ignore list cap from 50 to 200
  • ability_mount_mammoth_brown_3seater.gif Traveler's Tundra Mammoth passengers can now be ejected properly
  • Added Reckful (Rogue Trainer) tribute NPC to Stormwind Cathedral - slightly different model, emote reactions in progress
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