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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

<Sons of Anarchy> US Alliance PvE Guild


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US Alliance PvE Guild

About Us 

Sons of Anarchy (SoA) started out as a PvE guild on Molten WoW - Neltharion during its very early WoTLK launch and progressed up into the Cataclysm.

The guild started out with some casual laid back group of people who wanted to create a friendly raiding environment that suits both casual and hardcore players. We were in a learning phase during WoTLK, but during Cataclysm we excelled in our progression up to the death of deathwing on heroic mode.

After moltdown, the guild was scattered and most of the core members abandoned the server and went on retail. 

Currently, our goal is to rebuild the guild on this server, create a friendly non-toxic community, progress through the content, and reminisce all our favorite Cataclysm moments.



Requirements to join the guild :

1) Respectful, Mature, Cooperative, Non-Elitist and Friendly

2) Fluent in English & can easily communicate with other guild members

3) Willing to use discord 

4)  Acknowledges our raiding times ( SEE RAIDING SECTION BELOW)  and is committed to them

5) Basic understanding of class/spec and major game mechanics


Raiding & Mythics:

Our raiding goal is to progress through content in a orderly and non-stressful manner ( We wont chase realm first).

Raiding Times will be during weekend/days usually from 10 PM Eastern standard time (EST) to 12 AM EST on two different days in a week ( 4 hours of raiding total per raiding team). NOTE : These are US raiding times and may not suit many EU players.

Loot will be distributed based upon preference, attendance, & attitude during raids ( i.e Loot Council )

We also aim to have multiple raid teams & reserves ( players will be assigned based on availability and experience).

The key to a non-toxic, organized, successful raid is communication so discord is a MUST have.

Mythics will be done around the clock ( 24/7) based on player availability.

How to Apply ?


Applications to the guild are straight forward just fill up this google form and we will get back to you on discord


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