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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

(MAC) 15595 Client links


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MAC 4.3.4 Client (15595) Download/Play Options

The recommended method of playing as a MAC user is a windows emulator.
Wineskin [download] is frequently named as the best choice for this.

The following links are a collection of found but untested MAC client downloads.
wowfreakz [MAGNET]
zremax - MAC minimal client [MAGNET]
zremax - MAC full client [MAGNET]
Blizzard's official 15595 download link [does not seem to work]
Warmane - MAC 15595 client installer
Warmane - MAC 15595 client installer [#2?]
wowdl.net's "Client WoW 4.3.4 Mac FR"
wowmortal's 4.3.4 run & play
wowmortal's 4.3.4 full client
yourgamingdude.com's relink of Monster-WoW's MAC client

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