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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] April 9, 2021


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The Vortex Pinnacle



  • ability_warrior_battleshout.jpg Bolstering buffs can no longer reset duration when a new stack is applied, stacks now reset properly after group wipe
  • Replaced achievement_boss_archaedas.jpg Tyrannical spells used for visual buffs on bosses
  • Implemented kill credit objectives (Enemy Forces % counter) in the Challenge Mode timer
  • Replaced ability_toughness.jpg Fortified damage boost spell and added purge/soothe prevention
  • Corrected brightness of spell_nature_earthquake.jpg Quaking visual indicator to be more visible on transparent surfaces, replaced explosion visual effect
  • Reworked multiplier logic, excluded ~30 NPC spells that would otherwise scale too high
  • Releasing Spirit in Mythic mode will now teleport and resurrect the player at the start of the dungeon, and removes 5 sec from time limit
  • Corrected spell_deathknight_necroticplague.jpg Necrotic spell effect application logic, now affects damage taken properly
  • Damage from spell_shaman_lavasurge.jpg Volcanic now bypasses mitigation properly
  • Fixed issue which made NPCs too far from the dungeon entrance receive mythic multiplier more than once
  • Increased spell_fire_felflamering_red.jpg Explosive NPC base HP
  • Resetting a keystone in a different instance will now reset all affixes properly.




  • Implemented 45 second respawn timer for Rated Battlegrounds


Alterac Valley

  • Ivus the Forest Lord & Lokholar the Ice Lord are now immune to interrupts and crowd control effects, are properly removed on death (can't respawn), now have correct spell damage and comments
  • inv_shoulder_19.gif Armor Scraps, inv_misc_gem_pearl_06.gif Storm Crystals, and inv_potion_50.gif Stormpike Soldier's Blood are now properly awarded when killing players/guards/bowmen
  • Added/Corrected Battleguard spawns to match retail videos
  • Corrected damage and attack speed for guards
  • Abnormal boss deaths will properly end the battleground with the other side as the winners
  • Dead Marshals and Warmasters now properly respawn on boss reset
  • NPCs will now be removed on base capture rather than base assault


Warsong Gulch

  • Gates and other objects blocking the starting rooms are now removed properly 15s after a game starts, opened gates will no longer block line of sight at doorways


Twin Peaks

  • Added killzone to waterfall next to Alliance graveyard
  • Opened gates will no longer block line of sight at doorways


Isle of Conquest

  • Corrected health values for vehicles, they will now respawn properly after 3 minutes
  • Keep graveyard flags can no longer be assaulted before gates are destroyed
  • Portals will now teleport players to their gunship
  • Players can no longer interact their own graveyard flags
  • Cosmetic objects can no longer be highlighted on mouseover
  • Teleport pads will now be spawned and unusable until the match starts, will now properly animate and show faction icons/gunships when active
  • Bombs in bases can no longer be used by the wrong faction
  • Corrected Alliance Keep inner gate position
  • Corrected Keep turret damage
  • Corrected factions, gear, stance, health, behaviour, spells, and enrage mechanics for Overlord Agmar, High Commander Halford Wyrmbane and their guards
  • Attacking contested bases which have never been completely owned will no longer trigger the banner to be locked to a neutral flag
  • Attacking a base will now correctly update map world states
  • Horde and Alliance Gunships will now display icons and continue to display icons while in motion
  • Assaulting the Hangar will now force players in gunships to teleport down from their gunship
  • Capturing the Docks or Workshop will no longer leave vehicles behind
  • Abnormal boss deaths will properly end the battleground with the other side as the winners
  • Dead guards will now respawn on friendly boss reset
  • Added several enrage/relax triggers for more reliable enrage state behaviour
  • Gunship cannons now deal damage to enemy gates properly and are no longer movable
  • Glaive throwers will now deal siege damage at full range
  • Horde's East and West gates will no longer indicate the opposite gates as destroyed on the map when destroyed
  • Improved teleporters cosmetic behaviour when hangar is contested and changes control


Strand of the Ancients

  • Laid foundations for deeper fix of SOTA gate line-of-sight issue
  • Corrected Turret and Demolisher damage
  • Faction icons are no longer spammed during round 2 intermission





Dun Morogh

Eversong Woods

  • Fixed Blood Elf questline - updated quest templates, corrected flags, quest panel now closes properly on quest completion
  • Fixed ~25 quest items, now can't be looted when quest is completed, objective is no longer selectable without appropriate quest in log, decreased various object spawn timers, fixed spell targets
  • Mana Wyrm can no longer fly above/under certain textures or out of range for players
  • Lanthan Perilon no longer shows 'Need TXT YTDB' in gossip
  • Thirst Unending - no longer autocomplete, credits player properly
  • Charge (warrior class quest) - no longer autocomplete, credits player properly
  • Removed ~180 duplicate NPCs
  • The Dwarven Spy - reworked event, scripted Prospector Anvilward
  • Added random idle event for Ley-Keeper Caidanis
  • Whitebark's Memory - fixed event, scripted Whitebark's Spirit, NPC now appears properly, player can return quest after fight
  • Deactivating the Spire - removed wrong scripts for area triggers, added missing teleport spells for Orb of Translocation (up&down)
  • Powering our Defenses - no longer autocomplete, updated quest objective, scripted all NPCs
  • Swift Discipline - scripted all NPCs



  • Certain addons will no longer interfere with target selection.



All previous changelogs are archived on our forums. You can access them by clicking here.

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