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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] March 6, 2021

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hu.gif Hunter


Lost City of Tol'Vir

  • ability_druid_berserk.gif Feral Spirit Link no longer spreads to enemies out of combat
  • Fixed issue with the entrance portal not being visible in heroic mode

Bastion of Twilight

  • Worshipping players now properly turn hostile for others while channeling
  • Cho'gall no longer targets or faces his adds while summoning them
  • Corrected orientation of the floor blocker element between Cho'gall and Sinestra


  • Changed Quaking explosion visual effect


  • Added missing/Corrected wrong dialogue interface texts for 790 quests that requires items to be turned in

Elwynn Forest

  • Removed all duplicates, updated some npc positions, scripted and reworked starter questline (Northshire)
  • Reworked Wanted: Hogger and its RP event


  • Fixed Orc and Troll specific starter quests and zone questline
  • Removed duplicate and pre-cataclysm NPCs in and around the zone
  • Added missing NPCs and scripted them
  • Scripted RP scenes and world events, updated NPC reacts


  • Reworked Horde specific questline

Mount Hyjal



  • dr.gif Druid shapeshift forms are now automatically removed when joining PvP instances as per retail
  • Players will now spawn facing in the correct direction when joining PvP instances
  • Fixed internal error message when players join a new arena team
  • Corrected all notifications related to arena team management
  • Corrected starting zone restrictions for both casual and ranked battlegrounds

Twin Peaks

  • Corrected the starting room gates in terms of position/orientation - example; Before/After
  • Corrected spawn location of Horde berserker buff, added movement to nearby pigs
  • Corrected starting zone restrictions for both casual and ranked (players can no longer jump outside of the gates before the game starts to get an advantage)
  • Corrected spell_misc_warsongbrutal.gif Focused Assault and spell_misc_warsongfocus.gif Brutal Assault application intervals and timings
  • Players can no longer mount in the Alliance starting room
  • Removed excess floating NPCs above the waterfall
  • Flags are now automatically captured if the carrier is standing on the point when the other flag gets dropped
  • Corrected Alliance flag visual
  • Added missing tools and animations to bystander NPCs

Strand of the Ancients

  • Graveyards can no longer be interacted with for defenders after attackers have taken them
  • When a gate is destroyed, the portals outside of the broken barrier will direct players to the nearest destination behind a secured barrier
  • Fixed flags being clickable at the wrong time
  • Fixed "is under attack!" notification not being sent
  • Fixed the teleporters updating arrival destinations after gates break, will now teleport players based on which line of gates have been destroyed
  • Fixed bomb spawns
  • Gates can no longer be destroyed out of intended sequence
  • Fixed goblins yell timers after a graveyard has been taken
  • Corrected Intermission stun to resemble more blizzlike quality
  • Fixed crash on relic interaction

Alterac Valley

  • Corrected starter room door block base gates position and orientation for both factions
  • Captain Galvangar is now facing the right way
  • Added missing campfires

Eye of the Storm

  • Corrected flag spawn location
  • Fixed a bug with players being able to walk around freely after reloading UI while dead in the starter zones

Warsong Gulch

  • Centered Horde flag
  • Flags are now automatically captured if the carrier is standing on the point when the other flag gets dropped
  • Corrected Alliance flag visuals

Isle of Conquest

  • Alliance Keep turrets now all have Alliance faction

Battle for Gilneas

  • Corrected respawn points


  • Added random movement pathing to ~25000 NPCs in Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms
  • Fixed cone shaped NPC ability spell angles not being defined properly


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