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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] January 27, 2021


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ma.gif Mage
  • Rescripted ability_mage_hotstreak.gif Hot Streak & ability_mage_hotstreak.gif Improved Hot Streak, corrected proc chances

  • pr.gif Priest
  • Added missing visuals to spell_fire_fire.gif Cauterizing Flame ( T12 Healer 4P Bonus ), corrected targeting priority
  • Corrected mana gained from spell_holy_rapture.gif Rapture with T13 Healer 4P Bonus
  • Corrected damage scaling of spell_holy_chastise.gif Holy Word: Chastise, spell_holy_searinglight.gif Holy Fire, and spell_holy_holysmite.gif Smite with all ranks of spell_holy_sealofvengeance.gif Twin Disciplines

  • rog.gif Rogue
  • ability_rogue_deadliness.gif Vendetta now disappears from targets when the rogue switches specs

  • dr.gif Druid
  • ability_racial_cannibalize.gif Savage Defense now stacks properly

  • hu.gif Hunter
  • Corrected T13 2P bonus effect application logic

  • sh.gif Shaman
  • Corrected spell_nature_giftofthewaterspirit.gif Healing Rain now benefits from achievement_guildperk_workingovertime.gi Temporal Maelstrom ( Enhancement T13 2P Bonus effect )

  • war.gif Warrior
  • Fixed achievement_bg_defendxtowers_av.gif Shield Fortress value with inv_glyph_majorwarrior.gif Glyph of Shield Wall ( Protection T13 4P Bonus effect )
  • Fixed spell_nature_bloodlust.gif Bloodthirst calculations and scaling with all ranks of inv_misc_bandage_05.gif Field Dressing

  • dk.gif Death Knight
  • Fixed Blood T12 4P Bonus effect
  • Added missing 45s ICD for spell_shadow_soothingkiss.gif Kiss of Death ( Blood T13 2P Bonus effect )

  • Corrected animations for all versions of spell_shadow_shadowbolt.gif Shadowbolt Volley ( inv_misc_coin_09.gif Cunning of the Cruel) proc - will now show the casting animation and the caster will not look frozen as it procs


  • Corborus no longer casts inv_jewelcrafting_gem_12.gif Crystal Barrage while burrowed

  • Blackrock Caverns

  • Added random pathing and RP events to Twilight Torturer, Twilight Sadist, and Rom'ogg Bonecrusher
  • spell_shadow_soulleech_3.gif Inflict Pain is now periodic and triggers out of combat
  • Added missing Twilight Zealots and corrected patrol formations
  • Added missing Evolved Twilight Zealot
  • Divided Raz the Crazed events into permanent spawns to avoid getting him stuck and causing crash conditions
  • Redistributed layout for trash mobs at the Scar of the Worldbreaker
  • Corrected all trash packs with correct amount of NPC spawns
  • Conflagrations now patrol correctly, with corrected movement speed
  • Corrected movement speed for Defiled Earth Ragers
  • Finished all SQL related issues in the entire dungeon
  • Fine tuned Raz the Crazed events, added trigger bunnies, scripted all events
  • Scripted ability_druid_typhoon.gif Shadow Prison
  • Fixed ability_warrior_warcry.gif Call for Help
  • Separated and redefined Raz the Crazed event timers on Normal and Heroic to compensate for HP difference between difficulties

  • Shadowfang Keep

  • Scripted missing questline/RP events for both factions
  • Added and scripted ~200 Plague Bunnies for Horde
  • Added missing Stone Sleepers and corrected spawn randomness
  • Added all missing NPCs and corrected their patrolling paths

  • Bastion of Twilight

  • Fixed spell_fire_twilightnova.gif Blackout (all ranks) sometimes not being dispellable
  • spell_fire_twilightflamebreath.gif Devouring Flames dummy is no longer targetable
  • Corrupted Adherent is no longer targetable after it dies

  • Corrected core error not loading the mythic script inside certain dungeons
  • Implemented 4 new affixes, corrected conditions
  • Replaced Quaking visual indicator
  • Fixed Bursting debuff duration upon gaining a new stack
  • Added collision check for Explosive Orb (Explosive), fixed crash condition
  • MISC

  • inv_gizmo_runicmanainjector.gif Z50 Mana Gulper and inv_gizmo_runichealthinjector.gif Spinal Healing Injector no longer stack with other Engineering specific enchants
  • Secondary stats now get recalculated and dynamically scale on levelup.
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