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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Mythic Dungeons: Explained


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What are they?
Mythic Dungeons are a custom addition to our server. The system is based on the retail version of the extra difficulty added to dungeons in 6.2, with recreated effects (affixes), custom rewards, unique items, progressive scaling levels, and much more. We thought adding some spice to old content would be an essential element to re-introduce parts of the game that lose traction over time.


How do they work?
You can start a level 1 Mythic Dungeon by talking to Aggra in any non-random dungeon, who allows you to start toggling the difficulty up a notch. Completing this harder version, should you be able to finish it in time, will yield everyone involved with rewards otherwise unobtainable, including an upgraded keystone - to progress further into the system with, and so forth. You can also talk to her in any major city to get a keystone that can remind you of your current key. The keystone's level upgrade is determined by how time-efficient your group can be whilst completing the challenge.

There are also extra mechanics added to the dungeon to watch out for. It's not only the numbers that are increased. We will touch on these later in detail.


What are the rewards?
Since the realm does not offer a marketplace where you could buy high level equipment and rare cosmetics, this is our way of still allowing our players to obtain the things that are common on other servers. We have created a system where everyone has a chance to put their hands on stuff - that they otherwise wouldn't be able to - due to our limitations with the store.

When you successfully complete a mythic dungeon, you will be rewarded with a Mythic Satchel. These contain different kinds of loot, based on their rarity. The higher level of dungeon you complete, and the faster you complete it, your chances of getting better loot are increased.

Just to clarify, the system does not award BiS or custom gear - only cosmetics, mounts, items "unavailable for players", companions, etc.


What's the difference between Heroic and Mythic?

  • Every NPC has increasingly boosted health and damage (scaling with key level).
  • The rewards are based on limited completion time (better and/or more rewards for faster completions).
  • Quest based objectives (have to clear otherwise skippable bosses, timer that depletes key).
  • Extra mechanics that you have to watch out for (affixes).
  • Ranked, competitive leaderboards system (in collaboration with our armory).
  • Unique, otherwise unobtainable loot (discontinued items, "removed from the game" stuff, etc).


How can I start?

You can start by talking to Aggra in any major city or dungeon to find out what key you have. Once you or your friends have decided whose key you will attempt to complete, invite everyone to a party, and zone into the Heroic version of the dungeon manually. Talk to Aggra inside once the group is ready, and most importantly, have fun!


Huge thanks to Try aka Caecus for providing most of the information and screenshots!


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