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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] November 25, 2020


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wa.gif Warlock
  • Corrected health and mana gained from inv_glyph_majorwarlock.gif Glyph of Soulstone
  • Corrected movement speed increase gain for inv_glyph_minorwarlock.gif Glyph of Eye of Kilrogg

  • pr.gif Priest
  • spell_holy_greaterheal.gif Spirit of Redemption can no longer die prematurely
  • spell_holy_mindvision.gif Mind Vision no longer persists through stealth effects in rated battlegrounds

  • dr.gif Druid
  • Corrected health gained from inv_glyph_majordruid.gif Glyph of Rebirth
  • Tauren Druids now have spell_nature_wrathv2.gif Wrath on their action bar by default
  • creature_sporemushroom.gif Fungal Growth slow effect can no longer miss
  • Fixed momentum effect after leaving ability_druid_flightform.gif Flight Form & ability_druid_flightform.gif Swift Flight Form

  • hu.gif Hunter
  • Fixed ability_hunter_focusfire.gif Focus Fire visual indicator sometimes getting stuck on the UI permanently
  • Casting ability_hunter_beastsoothe.gif Revive Pet now stops ability_whirlwind.gif Auto Shot

  • dk.gif Death Knight
  • ability_deathknight_pillaroffrost.gif Pillar of Frost now grants immunity from spell_deathknight_strangulate.gif Death Grip
  • inv_axe_96.gif Necrotic Strike absorption effects from multiple DK's now stack instead of replacing each other
  • spell_holy_consumemagic.gif Dark Simulacrum can now be cast on the same target by multiple DKs simultaneously
  • Spells that get missed/dodged/parried will correctly update and refund their rune cost client-side

  • pa.gif Paladin
  • Fixed spell_holy_heroism.gif Guardian of Ancient Kings behaviour

  • Dwarves, Orcs, Night Elves, Worgens, Undeads, and Goblins will now all have their racial spells on their action bars by default after character creation

    Dungeons & Raids


  • Defias Cannons are now firing at the players, players can no longer deal "friendly fire"
  • Mining Monkeys are now neutral instead of friendly
  • Fixed Mine Bunny behaviour, added patrolling path
  • inv_drink_05.gif Drunken Haze now reduces movement speed, and drunk effect now fades with the debuff
  • Lumbering Oaf is no longer immune to bleeds
  • Fixed inv_misc_food_100_hardcheese.gif Rat Pack achievement
  • Fixed various vehicle issues
  • Corrected ability_priest_reflectiveshield.gif Envoker's Shield spell effect and timer
  • Defias Reapers now turn friendly and have all DoT effects removed when they hit 25% HP, fixed visual UI bug, fixed spell_holy_fistofjustice.gif Pressurized Strike
  • Prototype Reaper is now only available during the boss encounter
  • Foe Reaper 5000 starts attacking automatically and now properly resets after a group wipe
  • Spamclicking the cannon to open the shipyard door no longer causes multiple trash packs to spawn, and can no longer get stuck
  • Corrected positioning and behaviour of Monstrous Parrots
  • Fixed multiple combat bugs on the ship
  • Admiral Ripsnarl fight now correctly resets after players are no longer on the ship
  • Corrected Vapor spawn timers
  • Corrected spell_frost_windwalkon.gif Coalesce knockback effect distance
  • "Captain" Cookie fight no longer starts instantly
  • spell_shadow_auraofdarkness.gif Nightmare Elixir now persists through death
  • Corrected spiders behaviour during Helix Gearbreaker fight
  • Calissa Harrington now correctly loses health from spell_shadow_unstableaffliction_3.gif Choking
  • Fixed safespots on ship fire.
  • Misc

  • Training Dummies no longer rotate, or move when feared/disoriented
  • ability_druid_rake.gif Flayer now correctly increases inv_misc_pelt_wolf_01.gif Skinning speed
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