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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] October 23, 2020


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sh.gif Shaman
  • Fixed Greater Earth Elemental being immune to spell_shaman_bindelemental.gif Bind Elemental and various other nature based CC effects

  • dk.gif Death Knight
  • ability_rogue_bloodyeye.gif Scent of Blood no longer procs from AoE damage
  • Fixed inv_misc_horn_02.gif Horn of Winter and other similar spells ignoring line of sight

  • war.gif Warrior
  • Gapclosers can no longer be interrupted by crowd control effects

  • wa.gif Warlock
  • Imps now have unique names

  • ma.gif Mage
  • Fixed spell_arcane_arcanetactics.gif Arcane Tactics not applying to the mage's group members


    Shadowfang Keep

  • Added missing NPCs and Questgivers at the entrance
  • spell_deathknight_strangulate.gif Asphyxiate now correctly ignores absorbs and heal over time effects
  • Added invisible walls to prevent textures/pathing/line of sight/knockback abuse (mythic crucial)
  • Scripted Rethilgore
  • Scripted Spitebone Guardian's inv_misc_bone_01.gif Shield of Bones
  • Scripted Tormented Officer's spell_shadow_antishadow.gif Forsaken Ability & ability_warrior_shieldwall.gif Shield Wall
  • Fetid Ghoul now leaves a disease cloud upon death
  • Scripted Pustulant Monstrosity's spell_nature_corrosivebreath.gif Pustulant Spit
  • Scripted Mindless Horror's ability_warrior_titansgrip.gif Smash
  • Ghostly Cook is written in c++ now and not SAI and will not fail
  • Added missing Lupine Spectres

  • Zul'Aman

  • Added invisible walls to prevent safespots

  • Throne of the Tides

  • inv_elemental_primal_air.gif Waterspouts no longer happen on normal mode, and are no longer targetable on Heroic
  • Corrected visuals for spell_shadow_shadesofdarkness.gif Dark Fissure
  • Corrected cast time for spell_fire_firebolt.gif Lava Bolt
  • Corrected phasing/visibility for Tainted Sentry
  • Fixed lightning visual effect after Commander Ulthok's death
  • Corrected pathing of Unstable Corruption
  • Fixed gossip for Neptulon

  • The Vortex Pinnacle

  • Added missing flags and visuals for multiple non-interruptible spells

  • End Time

  • Added missing visual for Risen Ghouls being connected
  • Fixed spell_mage_flameorb.gif Flarecore visuals (growth)
  • Added randomness to shrines
  • Fixed inv_spear_04.gif Moonlance projectile speed and stun effect
  • Added missing Image of Nozdormu to all shrines
  • Fixed loot chest being visible before Murozond's death
  • PvP

  • Players can no longer inv_sword_04.gif Auto Attack each other after a duel ends when they are out of range
  • Quests

  • Corrected ~900 more quest item drop chances in Northrend
  • Scripted ~20 quests in Uldum
  • Fixed gossip menu not working properly on some quests
  • Misc/Other/World

  • Fixed Threat issue
  • Fixed same faction players being able to attack eachother after exiting Gurubashi Arena and other similair PvP zones
  • Anticheat

  • Implemented brand new anticheat system, fixed crash conditions
  • Players will get teleported down on the ground when airwalking is detected
  • spell_shadow_shadowworddominate.gif Mind Control will correctly flag the caster instead of the victim
  • Anticheat's chronological order for each behavior (transport, "advanced" [ability_racial_rocketjump.gif Rocket Jump and such spells]), higher will appear first for better detection rate (elimination method)
  • Anticheat will no longer print errors when in elevator or transport
  • Anticheat no longer allows "bunny-hopping" to skip hack detection
  • Anticheat will no longer have "No Fall Damage" report when having the flying shapeshift aura type (such as ability_druid_flightform.gif Swift Flight Form)
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