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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] August 24, 2020


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sh.gif Shaman

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pr.gif Priest


  • Fixed players being able to receive loot through Free for All/Group Loot/Master Looter without having the same ID lockout
  • Fixed players getting teleported to their spawn location after relogging while in a dungeon finder group
  • Fixed players receiving achievement_bg_ab_kill_in_mine.gif Dungeon Deserter after relogging while in a dungeon finder group.

Halls of Origination

Lost City of Tol'Vir

Blackrock Caverns

The Vortex Pinnacle

  • Corrected the positioning and attributes of Itesh (questgiver)
  • Added and corrected patrolling path of Armored Mistrals
  • Corrected Grand Vizier Ertan's HP and mana, fixed issue with boss being able to kill her own tornados
  • Fixed spell_nature_lightningoverload.gif Storm's Edge being able to damage players inside
  • Fixed issue with spell_nature_cyclone.gif Cyclone Shield sometimes being "safespotted" during transition when players were stacking with the boss
  • Fixed Slipstreams sometimes failing to put players on the next platform
  • Corrected players sometimes facing the wrong way after arriving on the 2nd platform
  • Corrected melee damage calculations for trash mobs
  • Scripted Turbulent Squall
  • Scripted Young Storm Dragon, is now immune to stun effects
  • Added missing Howling Gale, scripted spell_frost_windwalkon.gif Howling Gale
  • Added tracker for Golden Orb collection status
  • Corrected area radius of spell_nature_groundingtotem.gif Grounding Field
  • Corrected Skyfall Star movement and pathing
  • Corrected spawn timer of Asaad's spell_nature_windfury.gif Summon Skyfall Star
  • Fixed issue with NPCs getting stuck on angled surfaces
  • Corrected multiple packs of adds not being linked together, and fixed their patrolling paths
  • Removed multiple combat bugs.


Throne of the Tides

The Stonecore

Mythic Dungeons

  • Implemented affixes spell_shaman_lavasurge.gif Volcanic and spell_fire_felflamering_red.gif Explosive, fixed visuals and spawn conditions
  • Corrected ability_warrior_battleshout.gif Bolstering stacking on certain bosses
  • Corrected math for ability_ironmaidens_whirlofblood.gif Bursting
  • Player Guardians are no longer affected by the mythic multiplier, and can no longer spawn spell_shadow_bloodboil.gif Sanguine upon dying
  • Trash mobs summoned/spawned inside mythic difficulty will now do so at the full boosted amount of HP
  • Removed a multitude of non-elite NPCs from mythic only mechanics/affixes.


Throne of the Four Winds



  • Corrected prep timer in Eye of the Storm
  • Removed/fixed delay with players being able to interrupt getting credit for a base/flag after trade_engineering.gif Capturing
  • Fixed issue with player guardians and other uncontrollable units being able to kill non-flagged players.


  • Fixed various buff durations not expiring properly after hitting 0 seconds.


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