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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Forum] Rules (updated Oct 20, 2020)


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Welcome to the Project Neltharion Forums!


As a devoted community, Project Neltharion has a goal to establish a helpful, friendly, and enjoyable community! These forums serve as a place for players to interact with not just each other but also the Project Neltharion staff outside of the game. You can discuss/find anything from the most current news to offering suggestions/feedback on our website. However, these forums have a set of guidelines that need to be adhered to by the users.

The rules and guidelines listed will not state everything that should be followed. Common sense and respect goes a long way when it comes to your behavior on the forums and in-game. By posting on these forums, you effectively agree to abide by these rules with your responses. Access to these forums is a privilege and any Project Neltharion staff can revoke it at any time if they feel you’re in violation of these rules. We reserve the right to add or modify rules at our discretion without notice in order to handle any offense not outlined. If you have a question about what is acceptable to post and what is not, or would like to discuss a forum related issue, please contact Staff.

Our forums are English only (with the exception of Guild Recruitment tab). We know not everyone around here is a native English speaker, but if your post is not legible it will be locked.


General Forum Rules:

  1. Inappropriate Language
    Vulgar, obscene, or inappropriate material will be deleted with the user being punished accordingly. This includes, but is not limited to: sexist, homophobic and racial slurs, harassment, threats of any kind, and extreme profanity toward another user will not be tolerated.
  2. Inappropriate Content 
    These topics are off-limits in any forum tab: Piracy, pornography, cheating/exploits, and illegal activity. Solicitation of our community for support in religious or political matters (i.e petitions) is not permitted.
  3. Advertising
    Advertising is not permitted unless you have obtained approval from the administrator. To do so in obtaining approval, please contact Wufc. This includes surveys or soliciting a response for either academic or marketing reasons on our forums. Advertising in signatures by linking a URL is permitted if the website is a personal website, an example would be a blog, social networking profile, or a guild website. As long as the website contains PG-13 or lower content and does not violate any of the forum rules. Any links or discussion on other private servers, gold selling services, power leveling services, or any third party service that is promoting their game/content will be deleted and the user will be punished accordingly.
  4. Scamming/Account Sharing
    Do not fall for users trying to pose as a Project Neltharion staff member. We will never try to blackmail or scam players out of items, accounts, etc. To verify staff members, please visit the forums staff tab here. In regards to account sharing/selling we are not responsible nor will we be able to help in the event of a problem if you try to sell or share your account information with another person.
  5. Feedback
    If you want to give feedback to the Project Neltharion staff regarding moderation or personal matters, you should email Wufc or get in touch with Moderators rather than opening a new thread. With that being said, we understand at times a discussion is needed for the community to voice their opinion. While we encourage you to contact us directly, we do allow certain types of feedback threads to be created in the Feedback Forum; if opened elsewhere, they will be locked or deleted if seen necessary. Also keep in mind that these types of threads will be watched closely and we reserve the right to lock or delete threads that exist to stir up a topic or further cause drama.
  6. Contacting/Reporting
    Contacting the Project Neltharion staff to discuss why a post was locked or a user was banned or talking about our policies in a professional way is allowed, however threads made for this reason will most likely be locked the minute users can’t keep it professional. Argue clearly and to the point rather than letting emotions get the best of you. If at any time the thread is answered by any Project Neltharion staff or has outlived its usefulness a moderator may lock it to indicate the issue has been resolved. If you feel a user has not followed the forum rules, report them and move on, do not continue replying to the posts with the intent to antagonize the user who has broken the rules. Similarly, do not report the same posts multiple times simply because you dislike/disagree with the user.
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