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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Game] Rules (updated Oct 20, 2020)


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Welcome to the Project Neltharion Forums!


General and Player Rules: In order to ensure there is a fair and healthy atmosphere in-game, Project Neltharion has some in-game rules that apply to all players for the sake of keeping a not only competitive, but also a fun and friendly game environment. By creating an account on the Project Neltharion website, you effectively agree to abide by all the specified rules. Players are prohibited from trading Characters/Accounts/Gold/Items for real life currency from sources other than the Project Neltharion website and also to or from other projects.


  1. Scamming/Account Sharing
    Do not fall for users trying to pose as a Project Neltharion staff member. We will never try to blackmail or scam players out of items, accounts, etc. To verify if it is a staff member, please visit the forums staff tab here. In regards to account sharing/selling we are not responsible nor will we be able to help in the event of a problem if you try to sell or share your account information with another person.

  2. Advertising
    Any links or discussion on other private servers, gold selling services, power leveling services, or any third party service that is promoting their game/content.

  3. Inappropriate Conduct
    Vulgar, obscene, spamming or inappropriate material. This includes, but is not limited to: sexist, homophobic and racial slurs, harassment, threats of any kind, and extreme profanity toward another user will not be tolerated.

  4. Definition of Bug Abuse
    Someone who exploits a glitch or bug in the game for unfair advantage.

  5. Definition of Hacking
    Manipulating game files, or using software to modify how the client functions.

  6. Definition of Botting
    The use of software to eliminate user presence while producing in-game actions.

  7. Definition of Multiboxing
    Using software to control more than one character at a time. This is allowed.

  8. PvP Exploiting
    Honor Exploit: Letting another player kill you or let you kill them to get honor points in a manner that is done rapidly and on purpose is not tolerated.

    Wintrading: Arranging a win/loss in an arena or rated battlegrounds in order to receive a prize is highly advised not to do so, due to the nature of it being unfair for other players who have to win on their own. If you are caught doing this you will be banned.

    MMR Dropping: Players losing in an arena on purpose to lower their own MMR below their normal respected value in order to face lower rating teams at higher rating is prohibited. Extreme cases of MMR dropping will be bannable.

    Other offenses that are not tolerated are staying AFK for the entirety of a battleground, botting, or putting follow onto a player for a whole battleground to avoid removal. Avoiding these offenses will create a more positive experience in-game for all players to enjoy.
  9. Spamming
    Excessive spamming, or the use of macros to send many messages is not allowed and you will be muted for a long time.
  10. Ninja Looting
    This is not allowed under any circumstances - if caught doing it you will be banned for 30 day(s) and the item will go to its rightful owner. 
  11. Punishment & Avoiding Punishment
    In order to help with server progression and keeping a clean game environment, we highly advise that if you encounter any bugs or exploits, you report it through the Bugtracker tab on the Project Neltharion website here. We reserve the right to administer whatever punishment we see fit for any of these offenses listed.
    Punishments will depend on the severity of the offense and can vary anywhere from a verbal warning, being muted, to a suspension of account(s) at different lengths. Note that punishments can also follow to other Project Neltharion services, such as Discord or the forums. It is also forbidden to use a different IP address or account to avoid any form of punishment administered by the Project Neltharion staff.

  12. Reporting a Player
    A useful feature in-game that is used to report improper behavior of other players within the game. It's possible to report a player for every chat-related offense or for Cheating (Bug abuse, Hacking, Botting, Multiboxing), where you need to state what type of offense it is and include proof of the offense. 

    If you want to report a player, visit the Report a Player section HERE.

  13. Bugtracker
    It is a benefit for the players and staff to report any bugs that are found in the game to the Bugtracker here. Any bugs reported should only be reported through the bugtracker, not in-game tickets. Players should report a number of issues that can include bugged quests, items/spells, NPC's missing/bugged, any general issues that may be a concern for other players as well, or anything not mentioned here that cannot be resolved in-game through a GM.



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