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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

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When will Neltharion release?
Cataclysm Zones & Instances are the two remaining areas receiving the primary focus in development. There is no designated release date yet, but the team will announce when Neltharion is at least 30 days from release!

Will there be a progressive Cataclysm realm, and will the Project Nelth staff develop expansions other than Cataclysm?
Yes, the team will consider a Cataclysm seasonal progressive realm after Neltharion is online and stable.
No, the team will not develop other expansions, and it is not likely to change.

Will there be a pay-to-win store?
No, because gear has a max item level of 353 available for purchase. However, additional items such as cosmetic gear, mounts, and other miscellaneous items are available within the store.

Can characters from other private servers be transferred to a realm here?
No, because we are not working alongside other private servers.

What are you doing to oppose hackers?
Project Nelth realms contain an Anti-Cheat System, which includes active mobility restriction. You can preview the Anti-Cheat in action here.

What unique features does Project Nelth have?
Custom Features

Where do I request support or report players at?
Player Support/Report Information

Will any beta/PTR characters or achievements carry over into a normal realm?
No, all beta/PTR characters will get erased before Neltharion is released. The decision to close Warsong or leave it open will get made in the future.

What are Mythic dungeons, and how will they affect my experience in-game?
Mythic dungeons provide controlled environments for players to revisit any Cataclysm patch 4.0 dungeon and face infinitely scaling challenges. This gameplay is optional and does not provide any power bonuses for completion. However, the reward pool is exceedingly desirable for those seeking prestigious cosmetics. 

What are the realm rates and reset timers?
[Realm Name] Neltharion
[Realm Type/Status] PvP - Not Released
[Expansion/Patch] Cataclysm - 4.3.4
[Leveling Rate] Adjustable (x1-x7) experience rate via in-game command or NPC (default is x7)
[Reputation Rate] x2
[Profession Rate] x2
[Gold Rate] x2

[Realm Name] Warsong(Public Test Realm)
[Realm Type/Status] PvP - Released
[Expansion/Patch] Cataclysm 4.3.4
[Leveling Rate] Instant 85
[Reputation Rate] N/A
[Profession Rate] Instant 525 Profession Vendor
[Gold Rate] Gold Vendor

Weekly Conquest/Valor Currency Cap: (PvE Content N/A on Warsong)
Every Wednesday at 6:00 AM realm time
Daily Guild Experience Cap:
Every day at 6:00 AM realm time
Daily Battleground Reward:
Every day at 6:00 AM realm time
Daily Dungeon Reward: (PvE content N/A on Warsong)
Every day at 6:00 AM realm time
(Account Wide) Instances per hour: (PvE content N/A on Warsong)

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