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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Discord/Forum/Game] Rules & Guidelines

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As a member or user of the Project Nelth ("PN") community, it is important to always adhere to the rules. Any immoral or malicious actions not already covered under the current rules listing are also subject to account restriction(s). Rule violation(s) will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and restrictions may vary, including anything from a warning to being muted or banned. At any time, Administrators reserve the right to modify these rules and revoke any account restriction(s) already issued. Use the guides below if you need general/account support or want to report a player.

Members need to keep their account login information private from others, and anyone who receives restriction(s) due to account sharing will not receive extra support. To ensure your account is safe, it is recommended that different emails be used for both in-game & forum accounts, and those emails should also not be used on other private servers.

Thank you for being a valued part of our community. It is important that we work together to ensure that Project Nelth remains a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone to enjoy!


[IMPORTANT] The following content is PROHIBITED!


Social Misconduct[Applies to PN Game Services / Forum Services / Discord Services]


(1) Chat
(A) Messages/links not in English or which possess violent, abusive, threatening, hateful, discriminatory, harassing, illicit, defamatory, obscene, or sexually explicit content.

(B) Messages promoting or insinuating propaganda towards staff/any PN services.

(C) (Dox) Attempts to share or search for personal information. These attempts include asking others for their account information.

(D) Encouraging or promoting acts of gambling, cheating, bug abuse/exploiting, or prohibited software.

(E) Commenting anywhere or opening forum topics to discuss in-game bugs, staff complaints, account/character punishment(s), or reporting other players.

(2) Spamming
Repetitive and unwanted messages will be considered spam (guild recruitment or group-finding efforts not included).

(3) Scamming
Attempts to acquire gold/item(s) through fraud or false information. Scamming also includes pretending to be a staff member, knowingly providing incorrect information to a staff member to try and gain their favor, or misleading other players with propaganda.

(4) Naming
Any name set in-game or on the Forums/Discord that violates any topic under the Chat or Scamming categories.

(5) Advertising
Advertising businesses, religions, organizations, boosting services, gold services, websites, or other private servers unrelated to Project Nelth is prohibited unless staff explicitly declares it acceptable.

(6) Account Selling
Any attempts or initiations to trade/sell/buy gold, in-game items, characters, or boosting services paid through services/goods/money in environments outside PN services.

(6) Avoiding Account Restriction(s)
Any attempts to circumvent any account restrictions. If caught, restriction durations will increase, and bans will get converted to IP bans. 

Gameplay Misconduct[Applies to PN Game Services]


(1) Loot Disputes
(A) (GDKP) Activities that cause players to receive loot through an auction, bid, or buying system with in-game currency.

(B) (Real-Money Trading) Any exchange directly or indirectly connected to trading characters, accounts, game currency, items, or services for out-of-game currency.

(C) Ninja Loot Policy

(2) Win Trading
Arranging a win or loss in arenas, battlegrounds, or rated battlegrounds to try and receive a prize or rating change.

(3) MMR Dropping
Setting up losses in rated battlegrounds or arenas to lower MMR ratings.

(4) Griefing
Repeated efforts to encourage other players to abandon their activities, increase gameplay difficulty, or undermine the queue system.

(5) Multiboxing
Software or programs designed to allow one person to output multiple keystrokes to control numerous characters. Simultaneously playing with multiple accounts using the (alt-tab method) is permitted outside battlegrounds and arenas.

(6) Botting
Software or programs meant to eliminate user presence while producing in-game actions.

(7) Hacking
Manipulating game files, processes, communications, or programs/software to modify how the client functions for gameplay advantages.

(8) Bug Abuse/Exploiting
(A) Attempts to avoid the battleground or dungeon deserter debuff.

(B) Behavior that allows groups or individual players to bypass unavoidable mechanics. This behavior includes anything that negates time or effort otherwise required for an encounter.

Forum Guidelines[Applies to PN Forum Services]


(1) Suggestions
Once a staff member has replied, locked, or deleted your suggestion, the decision is final.
Please utilize the bugtracker, not the suggestions section or anywhere else, to report in-game issues.
Users may send a message to whoever locked their suggestion for additional information. However, staff reserves the right not to disclose any reason(s) why a suggestion is locked.
DO NOT repost any previously locked or deleted suggestions.
DO NOT message any staff member or submit a post to complain/argue against any decisions to lock or delete a suggestion.



Last Update: March 22, 2023

• (20230322) The Rules have been revised to include more detail(s).
• (20230407) Added "Forum Guidelines" section.
• (20230418) Added "Avoiding Account Restriction(s)" rule.
• (20230717) Added propaganda restriction to the "Chat" rule.


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