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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

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 Armory Leaderboard:
A) Arena (2v2, 3v3, 5v5)
B) Rated Battlegrounds
C) Honorable Kills
D) Mythic Dungeons
E) Achievement Points/Realm First Achievements
 Armory System:
A) Character Pages with 3D Model Viewer
B) Talent/Glyph Viewer
C) Game activity privacy toggle
D) Guild Rosters
E) Achievement/Statistic tracking
F) Dungeon/Raid completions & personal best tracking
G) Arena Match History
 Community Store:
A) Gear capped at item level 353
B) Cosmetic Gear
C) Mounts
D) Miscellaneous Items
E) Character Services - Character Rename/Race Change/Faction Change/Character Customize/Raised character limit to 50 (per account & realm - meaning if there are two realms, players can have 100 characters via one account)

General Gameplay:
 Anti-Cheat System, which includes active mobility restriction
 Players may receive notifications of GM actions against players they have reported
 Custom Transmog NPC (less restrictive)
 Gold Sinks:

A) Character Morphing
B) Custom Transmog NPC
C) Heirloom legs & rings
D) Grand Black War Mammoth (includes regular transmog/reforge vendors)
 All-in-one custom features NPC:
A) 3v3 Solo Queue
B) Arena Spectating
C) Character Morphing
D) XP Rate
E) Portal to Tower of Quel'Thalas (Duel-Zone)
F) Client-side character morphing
 Adjustable (x1-x7) experience rate via in-game command or NPC (x7 default)
 Traffic Mode: NPC respawning/quest drop rates are increased in zones with high traffic and decreased in zones with low traffic
 Noggenfogger Elixir will prioritize missing buffs over duplicating buffs
 Auction House duplicate filtering
 Friend & ignore player limit increased from 50 to 200

 Zone-Specific Duel cooldown resetting:
A) [Cross Faction] Tower of Quel'Thalas
B) [Neutral] Gurubashi Arena
C) [A] Area outside Stormwind City gates
D) [H] Area outside Orgrimmar gates
E) [A] Goldshire
F) [H] Gallywix Palace
 PvP Flag prevention in duels (includes cross-faction/same-faction flagging)
A) Dampening
B) 3v3 Solo Queue
C) Early start gem
D) Pre-spawned mage/warlock consumables
E) Spectator
F) Armory scoreboard display for players avoiding matches
 Automatic role selection for Battlegrounds
 Players may opt out of a hunter's Aspect of the Pack by ignoring the hunter

 Mythic+ Dungeons/Rewards
 3-minute Dungeon Deserter for evading random dungeon finder queues
 Loot Master loot interaction priority

 Live faction balance preview
 Staff action logging system
 Private support ticket system
 Private player report system
 Chat Moderation - Deathwing (bot)
 Personal voice channel system

A) !realm
B) !staff
C) !stats
D) !random <meme, dog, cat, panda, fox, bird, koala>
D) /roll

Community Chosen Quality of Life Changes:
 Dual Talent Specialization is set to level 10 (instead of level 30)
 Heirloom Legs & Rings available for purchase
 Cross-faction Battlegrounds
 Cross-faction Dungeon Finder
 Cross-faction Auction House
❖ [Cross Faction] Tower of Quel'Thalas -  Duel cooldown resetting

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