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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Ninja Loot Policy

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The Player Ninja Policy will be handled case-by-case because of the many factors that may influence these situations. Using common sense and playing with trusted players are the best options for avoiding loot issues. If you are concerned about something not mentioned, you should ask the player who is to distribute loot before becoming saved to that instance. Ninja Looter reports must be made within three days from when the offense occurred!

What allows a player to be labeled as a ninja?

  • (Group Loot) Need rolling on items where the character's current specialization cannot use the primary stat, a primary stat is not increased, cannot be disenchanted, or are not Bind-on-Equip.
  • (Dungeon Only) If at least three other people in your group haven’t specified that rolling for Off-Spec is acceptable.
  • (Master Looter) Kicking the winner of a rolled item from the group for an invalid reason. Invalid reason must correlate to the Loot Ineligibility and Loot Priority.
  • (Master Looter) Taking items that were not reserved.
  • (Master Looter) Giving an item to a player that did not win a roll (unless the highest rolls are not eligible to receive loot).
  • (Master Looter) Taking items by trying to change the loot rules after you’ve already been saved to an instance.

Possible Loot Ineligibility?

  • Damage/Healing requirement
  • Death requirement
  • Item(s) Reserved
  • Loot Priority
  • Leaving a group willingly
  • The character's current specialization cannot use the primary stat 
  • The primary stat is not increased

Possible Loot Priority?

(In order of precedence | 1 Highest Priority - 4 Lowest Priority)

  1. Main-Spec(MS) Roll
  2. Off-Spec(OS) Roll
  3. Alt Roll
  4. Disenchanting/Bind-on-Equip Roll

Ninja Loot Punishment?

Two characters violating the Player Ninja Policy on a single account will cause the account to get banned. Attempting to play any alternate accounts to avoid this restriction will convert the punishment to an IP ban.

  • Cataclysm Raid: 75-Day Character Ban
  • Cataclysm Dungeon: 45-Day Character Ban
  • Raid from Vanilla/Burning Crusade/Wrath of the Lich King content: 7-Day Character Ban
  • Dungeon from Vanilla/Burning Crusade/Wrath of the Lich King content: 3-Day Character Ban

Required Ninja Loot Report Information

(1) Reported Character Name

(2) Approximate Date/Server Time of the potential incident (timestamps or move the mouse icon over the clock near the minimap, and a preview of the calendar must be included)

[IMPORTANT] Evidence (links must include non-cropped & unedited full-screen images with transparent chat box backgrounds or videos, and videos will get heavily considered over images).

(3) Evidence A - Explanation of the Loot Priority and Loot Ineligibility to include reserved items. 

(4) Evidence B - Show the group composition at the start of the raid and any rules/Master Looter changes.

(5) Evidence C - Show all player rolls for an item and raid window showing who the Master Looter is.

(6) Evidence D - Show the ninja taking items for themselves/giving them to a player that did not win.

(7) Explanation


Expect Game Masters to be your complete safeguard against ninjas. The best safety measure will be to avoid suspicious groups, especially if the players in charge of distributing loot refuse to explain the Loot Priority/Loot Eligibility.

Expect items or gold to be refunded. The only thing that will occur is the ninja will have their item removed and their character/account punished.



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