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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Report-A-Player Guide


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• Please be aware that we may only solve problems with adequate evidence.
• Evidence (links should be unedited full-screen images with transparent chat box backgrounds or videos, but videos will get heavily considered over images)

Required Player Report Information
(WHO) Reported Character Name
(WHAT) Botting, Hacking, or Abusing/Exploiting PvE/PvP Bug(s)
(WHEN) Approximate Date/Time of the potential incident (Realm Time)
(WHERE) What zone or area was the violation occurring in
(EVIDENCE)  Screenshot or video link(s)

Below is an example of a proper format when reporting a player in-game.

I believe Littleflyer was fly hacking on March 30th, 2023, at 7:13 AM realm time in Warsong Gulch. Here is proof: https://imgur.com/JToTt9A


Helpful Guides: Help & Support Guides

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