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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Custom Features


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 Armory Leaderboard (Arena, Mythic Dungeons, Achievements, Honorable Kills)
 Armory System (Character Pages with 3D Model Viewer, Talent/Glyph Viewer, Guild Rosters, Achievement/Statistic tracking, Dungeons/Raids completion & personal best tracking, and Arena Match History )
 Community Store with gear capped at item level 353, cosmetic gear, mounts, and other miscellaneous items 

General Gameplay:
 Anti-Cheat System, which includes active mobility restriction
 Players may receive notifications of GM actions against players they have reported
 Custom Transmog NPC (less restrictive)
 Gold Sinks:
     Custom Transmog NPC
     Heirloom legs & rings
     Grand Black War Mammoth (includes regular transmog/reforge vendors)

 Client-Side morphing NPC
 All-in-one custom features NPC:
     Solo Queue
     Arena Spectating
     Character Morphing
     XP Rate

 Adjustable (x1-x7) experience rate via in-game command or NPC (x7 default)

 Zone-Specific Duel cooldown resetting:
A] Area outside Stormwind City gates
H] Area outside Orgrimmar gates
N] Gurubashi Arena
A] Goldshire
H] Gallywix Palace
 PvP Flag prevention in duels (includes cross-faction/same-faction flagging)
 3v3 Solo Queue
 Arena early start gem
 Arena pre-spawned mage/warlock consumables
 Arena Spectator
 Arena scoreboard display for players avoiding matches
 Automatic role selection for Battlegrounds

 Mythic+ Dungeons/Rewards
 3-minute Dungeon Deserter for evading random dungeon finder queues
 Loot Master loot interaction priority

 Staff action logging system
 Private support ticket system
 Private player report system
 Chat Moderation - Deathwing (bot)

 Personal voice channel system

Community Chosen Quality of Life Changes:
 Dual Talent Specialization is set to level 10 (instead of level 30)
 Heirloom Legs & Rings available for purchase
 Cross-faction Battlegrounds
 Cross-faction Dungeon Finder
 Cross-faction Auction House

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