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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] August 3, 2022


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  • Improved pet follow movement logics and speed
  • Various fear/root effects should no longer get affected players unable to move longer than intended

  • pr.gif Priest

  • Corrected priest_spell_leapoffaith_a.gif Leap of Faith visuals

  • wa.gif Warlock

  • inv_axe_09.gif Legion Strike now divides damage among multiple targets

  • dr.gif Druid

  • Reaching ability_druid_eclipseorange.gif Solar Eclipse with spell_nature_starfall.gif Moonfire will no longer fail to restore mana
  • Eclipse states and energy are now reset on login to avoid sometimes getting stuck/unable to generate/gain/change states
  • inv_bone_skull_04.gif Skull Bash (Cat Form) can no longer fail to charge the target

  • hu.gif Hunter

  • Corrected spell_frost_chainsofice.gif Freezing Trap's target priority

  • war.gif Warrior

  • Corrected ability_golemthunderclap.gif Intimidating Shout deadzone, glyph, DR, behaviour
  • ability_warrior_bladestorm.gif Bladestorm can now properly visually immune an incoming spell_nature_earthbind.gif Cyclone


  • Corrected/polished attributes of/for 415 NPCs across 13 Cataclysm Dungeons & Raids (all modes and difficulties)

  • Deadmines

  • Polished rope swing event (height, distance, visuals, etc)
  • Vanessa's corpse should no longer be sometimes unlootable
  • Corrected teleporter gossip menu & activation timing

  • Zul'Gurub

  • Corrected rotations for High Priestess Kilnara
  • Berserker trash mobs can no longer produce double chat text upon chasing a target

  • End Time

  • Corrected flags / spell effects for Echo of Jaina
  • Corrected inv_spear_04.gif Moonlance stun effect application
  • Echo of Tyrande now properly checks and resets on wipe
  • Baine's totem will now be despawned on reset and/or death
  • Corrected angle of Murozond's inv_misc_monsterscales_05.gif Tail Sweep

  • Hour of Twilight

  • Damage from Arcurion's minions no longer pierce immunity

  • Baradin Hold

  • Replaced all pre-4.3 trash mobs with Destroyed Containment Unit / Disciple of Hate; corrected positioning
  • Corrected timing / range / shape for ability_rogue_envelopingshadows.gif Occu'thar's Destruction, spell_fire_twilightfire.gif Focused Fire, ability_warlock_shadowflame.gif Searing Shadows
  • Corrected Alizabal's damage, threat, reset timer, ability_backstab.gif Skewer targeting; boss door now properly closes when engaged

  • Bastion of Twilight

  • Rescripted Chogall gauntlet event to include blizzlike spawns and NPC behaviour

  • Blackwing Descent

  • spell_nature_nullifydisease.gif Poison Soaked Shell now applies ability_rogue_deviouspoisons.gif Soaked In Poison as intended; affected players now proc ability_rogue_deviouspoisons.gif Expunge Poison properly
  • Corrected Atramedes' turn speed during inv_summerfest_firespirit.gif Sonic Breath
  • Chimaeron can now properly perform his ability_devour.gif Double Attack
  • Added missing visual effect to the Orb of Culmination

  • Firelands

  • Reworked Lord Rhyolith's legs/feet hitboxes/targetability
  • Corrected duration of spell_fire_incinerate.gif Blazing Power rings
  • Polished Majordomo Staghelm's RP intro

  • Dragon Soul

  • Scripted spell_yorsahj_bloodboil_blue.gif Cobalt Blood of Shu'ma to ignore non-casters
  • Forgotten One will no longer sometimes fail to spawn
  • Using spell_shadow_mindtwisting.gif Heroic Will will no longer remove more auras than intended

  • Added ~90 new head slot items to rewards
  • Reworked inv_misc_volatilewater.gif Overflowing visuals & corrected post-max absorb amount calculations
  • PVP


  • All players who receive a queue invitation will be shown on the arena scoreboard whether they join or not (dodging, going offline, etc)
  • Fixed a crash for spectators logging in after a BG has ended


  • Updated quest templates, set correct flags, corrected quest chains, reworked zone phasing, removed combat bugs
  • Fixed/scripted 95 items/objects/NPCs for loot and loot conditions / interaction effect scripts for quests, made them only work while the appropriate quest is in the log
  • Removed ~920 pre-cata NPCs/objects, corrected states / repositioned / spawned appropriate IDs some of them for ~20 quests total
  • Fixed 35 total objectives/indicators/markers on minimap
  • A Taste for Grouper can now only be taken if the player has fishing learned

  • Redridge Mountains

  • Minor visual improvements across the zone
  • Blackrock Worg Captain is now patrolling & properly uses abilities
  • Corrected NPC behaviour during Darkblaze, Brood of the Worldbreaker

  • Dustwallow Marsh

  • Reworked/improved/corrected/added scripts for 28 quests
  • Added missing quests for Gazlowe
  • Minor improvements in and around Theramore (RP events, visuals, NPC behaviour, etc)
  • MISC

  • Improved/Implemented various SAI scripts and GM commands for QoL
  • Added Andrestrasz
  • Added generic guard scripts to Orgrimmar Grunts & Bluffwatchers
  • Character specific config settings are now saved server-side
  • Implemented and polished Spell Queueing, a slider labeled "Custom Lag Tolerance" in client settings menu.
  • Implemented and polished Healing prediction, an option labeled "Display incoming heals" in client settings menu.
  • Queued spells that failed to execute should no longer leave a client-sided glow on the action bar
  • Minor corrections to Confused Movement Generator (fear/blind/etc pathing)
  • Polished all occurances of glitched numbers appearing in skills bar while training professions
  • All guild heralds will now have the proper guild icons matching an existing guild of their owner
  • NPCs can now be disarmed if they have an offhand or ranged weapon equipped, but no mainhand
  • Corrected quotes for Thomas Miller
  • Mechanical Vehicle NPCs are no longer immune to spells that increase damage taken
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent players from re-entering a wiped raid due to "Encounter in progress"
  • Roaming city guards will now resume waypoint paths after interacting with players
  • Early Implementation of Armory 3D viewer

  • Added custom NPC and command for modifying experience gain rates

  • All previous changelogs are archived on our forums. You can access them by clicking here.


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