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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] May 30, 2022


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dk.gif Death Knight

  • Corrected spell_deathknight_butcher2.gif Death Strike's heal amount calculations/timing



  • Corrected wipe check / reset logic for 8 Cataclysm dungeon bosses

  • Scarlet Monastery Cathedral

  • Corrected positions / movement / emotes / phasing / visuals / waypoints / combat for all NPCs

  • Blackrock Caverns

  • Corrected type / waypoints / emotes / equipment / movement / level / positions / immunities / count for 152 NPCs
  • Polished Raz event to prevent exploits
  • Corla now reacts to bodypulls properly
  • Addressed client side issue where Corla's adds would not display kneeling aura/emote
  • Reworked achievement_dungeon_nexus80_heroic.gif Evolution targeting, corrected visuals & radius
  • Corrected spell_shadow_chilltouch.gif Dark Command ICD
  • Hostile DoTs now clear from inv_inscription_pigment_silvery.gif Cooled Quicksilvers
  • Corrected hitbox for Karsh Steelbender
  • spell_fire_sealoffire.gif Heat Wave can no longer miss
  • Shadow of Obsidius will now always show themselves at full HP

  • Grim Batol

  • Corrected stats/behaviour for 53 NPCs
  • Rescripted inv_shield_76.gif Personal Phalanx to avoid the boss getting stuck in some cases

  • The Stonecore

  • Corrected stats / behaviour / immunity / damage / equipment / positioning / waypoints / visuals for 236 total NPCs (Normal & Heroic)
  • Polished Millhouse Manastorm event and NPC behaviour, ensured smooth transitions between checkpoints, will no longer renegerate health without eating
  • Added missing, polished conditions for object elements throughout the dungeon (walls, teleporters, etc)
  • Added missing objective frames for bosses in combat
  • Corborus' death will now interrupt the spawning of / despawn all of his adds

  • Lost City of the Tol'vir

  • Restructured boss and instance scripts to ensure bosses are saved and re-loaded properly
  • Corrected damage/immunities/behaviour for Augh
  • General Husam & Lockmaw now despawn all triggers on reset/death
  • Frenzied Crocolisks can now aggro even without spell_deathknight_bloodtap.gif Scent of Blood
  • Fixed a case where Soul Fragments could get stuck without ever reaching the Harbinger of Darkness, corrected Blaze of the Heavens behaviour during the phase

  • The Vortex Pinnacle

  • Corrected aggro/attack radiuses & implemented text lines for 4 bosses/minibosses
  • Gust Soldier can now charge properly
  • Corrected Young Storm Dragon base autoattack damage, inv_misc_monsterclaw_02.gif Brutal Strikes will now properly and evenly spread damage among targets
  • Corrected issues with Empyrean Assassins that would allow them to be safespotted in some cases
  • Corrected immunities & spell_nature_unrelentingstorm.gif Summon Tempest cast time for Grand Vizier Ertan
  • spell_nature_lightningbolt.gif Unstable Grounding Field now despawns on boss death

  • Throne of the Tides

  • Rescripted hallway event for murlocs to be released one hand at a time, corrected aggro radius
  • Bosses and their adds will now appear as objective unit frames
  • Corrected immunities / threat / grammar / voicelines / conditions / damage / scripts / positions / emotes / health / mana for 42 total NPCs
  • inv_elemental_primal_water.gif Waterspout 's effects can no longer be bypassed from certain angles/arcs
  • Scripted Ozumat RP event at the elevator, defense system events during the cutscene
  • Commander Ulthok's ability_rogue_shadowdance.gif Squeeze will no longer spawn affected players under his feet after the duration, corrected cast timer to delay spell_shadow_shadesofdarkness.gif Dark Fissure
  • Polished Faceless Watcher's spell_shadow_shadowmend.gif Void Rip & spell_nature_earthquake.gif Ground Pound combo
  • Added missing door to the Coral Garden, will now close during the boss fight
  • Corrected "purifying" visuals for Neptulon, corrected model data for him and trash mobs during the fight
  • Rescripted ability_rogue_envelopingshadows.gif Blight of Ozumat
  • Scripted Unyielding Behemoth's spell_shadow_teleport.gif Shadow Blast
  • spell_nature_giftofthewaterspirit.gif Tidal Surge now affects inv_spear_04.gif Healing Stream Totem
  • Vicious Mindlasher can now properly cast spell_shadow_shadowbolt.gif Shadow Bolt

  • Halls of Origination

  • Corrected 22 NPC patrol paths / emote states / health/mana pools
  • Temple Swiftstalker is now in CPP, added wipe check
  • Corrected Temple Fireshaper's ability_warlock_moltencore.gif Molten Barrier application timing
  • Added objective target frames for all boss adds, corrected immunities for them & trash in front on the upper level
  • Rescripted & corrected visuals for Earthrager Ptah's spell_shaman_thunderstorm.gif Sandstorm
  • Reworked Anraphet's spell_shadow_dispersion.gif Alpha Beams targeting logic
  • Corrected visuals, mana pool, combat bugs & Chaos Portal spawn locations for Setesh
  • Polished Rajh resets/transitions/rotation/power regeneration
  • Corrected inv_elemental_primal_fire.gif Inferno Leap energy cost
  • spell_fire_selfdestruct.gif Blazing Inferno now deals Fire damage

  • Deadmines

  • Corrected phases / emotes / positioning / waypoints / movement / hitbox / health / mana / damage / model for 50 NPCs
  • Corrected 21 objective target frames / voicelines / announcements / immunities for all bosses/minibosses
  • Reworked instance checks/logic for wiping during the nightmare event
  • Players using the teleporter will now have their pet teleported along with them
  • achievement_reputation_ogre.gif Ogrish Motivation can no longer apply to the Ogre Henchman
  • Mining Powder can no longer be multi-triggered by AoE damage procs
  • Corrected Glubtok's melee & spell_holy_innerfire.gif Fire Wall damage/visuals/tick rate, boss will only remove his own auras on phase transition, aesthetic visuals can no longer prematurely fade/disappear during, or continue after the fight
  • Fixed issue with Helix Gearbreaker being untargetable when latched onto players & throwing his own bombs during inv_misc_bomb_04.gif Chest Bomb, corrected bomb explosion radius & amount of, and spawn locations for his adds, boss corpse should no longer be unlootable in some cases
  • Helix's bombs now start their activation timer upon landing instead of being thrown, NPCs can only throw bombs in the direction they are facing
  • Scripted RP event with goblins running out of the Goblin Foundry
  • Corrected ability_warrior_bladestorm.gif Reaper Strike damage
  • Corrected Prototype Reaper health and activation logic, can no longer regenerate energy passively
  • Parrots will now engage players within 15 horizontal yards regardless of vertical distance, corrected flight speed
  • Fixed combat bug caused by Defias Cannons, can no longer be interacted with during the nightmare
  • "Captain" Cookie will now properly reset, picking up food should no longer interfere with targeting, food no longer displays healthbars and adjusts auras properly
  • Corrected timing of slow/daze application at the start/end of the nightmare, Vanessa is no longer sometimes attackable during the gauntlet, steam valves no longer have nameplates
  • Corrected jump parabola on escaping the lava trap
  • Nightmare Foe Reaper can no longer get stuck by "deactivating" on reset/wipe, lightning maze can no longer multi-proc
  • Corrected Vanessa's base damage, will now properly jump on the roof for intermissions, used ropes now disappear properly

  • Shadowfang Keep

  • Corrected levels of questgivers, guards, RP NPCs/events on Heroic mode
  • Reworked and added checks for spell/melee rotation to prevent spell overlaps/cancelling for all bosses
  • Baron Ashbury now has a prisoner, scripted RP event
  • Corrected spell_shadow_shadowwordpain.gif Pain and Suffering damage
  • spell_deathknight_strangulate.gif Asphyxiate now properly suspends players in the air for the full duration, no longer triggers spell_fire_rune.gif Cauterize
  • Corrected ability_warlock_improvedsoulleech.gif Wracking Pain application ICD
  • Corrected Mindless Horror spellcasting ICD & immunities
  • Corrected ability_racial_viciousness.gif Summon Worgen Spirit thresholds (N & HC), adds summoned and Baron Silverlaine himself will now appear as an objective target
  • Corrected spell_misc_emotionangry.gif Separation Anxiety trigger locations
  • Corrected inv_jewelcrafting_icediamond_02.gif Ice Shards radius
  • Lord Godfrey now has different aggro texts based on player faction

  • Zul'Aman

  • All adds of bosses will now properly despawn on boss death
  • Akil'zon can no longer interrupt his own spell_nature_eyeofthestorm.gif Electrical Storm (by forced movement, etc)
  • Rescripted Jan'alai's throwing of spell_fire_burnout.gif Fire Bombs, boss is now properly rooted during it
  • Corrected Jan'alai death text
  • Adjusted Amani'shi Flame Caster's base movement speed
  • Amani'shi Scout now has the same AI as Stonecore Sentry
  • spell_fire_totemofwrath.gif The Hex Lord's Fetish no longer drops for players without the quest
  • Daakara can no longer drop double loot

  • Zul'Gurub

  • Corrected/added 173 NPC emotes / locations / equipment / movement / texts / immunities / damage
  • Rescripted Zandalari Juggernaut
  • Scripted Mortaxx's sacrifice RP event
  • High Priestess Kilnara can no longer fail to aggro all remaining cats at the start of her phase 2, rescripted Pride of Bethekk, fixed issue that would prevent the boss from performing melee attacks
  • ability_heroicleap.gif Devastating Slam can no longer miss
  • spell_shadow_antishadow.gif Shrink fading will now return affected players to their normal size
  • Gurubashi Spirit Warrior & Gurubashi Spirit can no longer fail to ability_heroicleap.gif Body Slam

  • End Time

  • Added/Implemented/Corrected 21 NPC models/behaviour/RP text lines across all shrines
  • Corrected inv_spear_04.gif Moonlance targeting logic, pathing, and split timing
  • Corrected spell_shaman_improvelavalash.gif Molten Fists application logic

  • Well of Eternity

  • Corrected spells/visuals/movement/behaviour/immunities/positioning for 29 NPCs
  • Corrected/implemented 33 text/voice lines
  • Removed 4 combat bugs
  • spell_shadow_ritualofsacrifice.gif Shadow Ambusher duration will now match stacks of ability_stealth.gif Shadow Walk, can no longer replace a longer duration aura of itself
  • Fixed an exploit that would allow players to pre-target/skip Peroth'arn
  • Eye of Peroth'arn will now always spawn facing outwards
  • Scripted spell_shadow_lifedrain02.gif Drain Essence
  • Scripted Dragon Soul & Mannoroth RP events

  • Hour of Twilight

  • Cleaned up visuals during Thrall's escort sequence (NPCs/spells/RP events)
  • Twilight Assassins can now apply the ability_rogue_garrote.gif Garrote bleed properly as their opener
  • Corrupted Slimes now only spawn from projectiles raining from above


  • Critters will no longer be subject to affixes
  • Added 5 different conditional error texts for why a Mythic challenge might not be started



  • Abandoning quests will now properly update auras for area phasing

  • Kezan & The Lost Isles

  • Warchief's Revenge is now in CPP

  • Redridge Mountains

  • And Last But Not Least... Danforth & Showdown at Stonewatch are now in CPP
  • Camera should no longer fall under the water during It's Never Over

  • Silverpine Forest

  • Updated quest templates, fixed quest indicators on minimap, set correct flags, corrected quest chains, reworked zone phasing, repositioned creatures to Cataclysm standards
  • Fixed/Corrected 15 items/loot/conditions/objects/visuals/spawn timers
  • Scripted/Corrected/Restored 115 NPC related events/movement/phasing/objectives/tooltips/emotes/auras/cutscenes (partially CPP)
  • Removed 155 total pre-cata NPCs
  • Corrected flight speed of the bat during Iterating Upon Success, and Agatha's during No Escape
  • achievement_character_orc_male.gif Orc Sea Pup buff now fades properly when the follower despawns
  • inv_jewelry_trinket_04.gif Forsaken Insignia now can be looted while mounted

  • Arathi Highlands

  • Scripted & added / Corrected 15 missing events/actions/patrols during/on quest completion
  • Corrected requirements/chains/conditions for 18 quests
  • Corrected 12 quest items and/or their drop rates
  • Added random pathing/roaming to all "wildlife" NPCs

  • Duskwood

  • Corrected 12 quest related items / drop rates
  • Added 3 zone rares to pooling system
  • Corrected equipment of several NPCs
  • Improved/corrected/added scripts for 15 quests

  • Hellfire Peninsula

  • Corrected/added 116 quest events/items/objects/NPC behaviour
  • Reworked/corrected 63 scripts/SAI

  • Nagrand

  • Corrected/reworked/fixed 76 quest events/items/objectives/SAI/visuals
  • Added missing NPCs and/or their actions/pathing/behaviour, 50 total

  • The 7 questing zones mentioned above have been fully reworked and are considered done.


  • Re-polished pet/unit combat reach and re-engagement distance checks and calculations (targeted movement, chasing, hover height, deadzones, etc)
  • Players will be teleported to their server side location to help prevent client side movement during cinematics
  • Reworked inv_misc_pelt_wolf_01.gif Skinning sequence/logic
  • Implemented/enabled various SAI functions/conditions/actions & corrected parameters, 37 total
  • Corpse timer now properly updates on relog

  • All previous changelogs are archived on our forums. You can access them by clicking here.


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