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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] April 5, 2022


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dk.gif Death Knight
  • Paladin seals stolen by spell_holy_consumemagic.gif Dark Simulacrum now last 60 seconds and display their buff timer correctly


    Ragefire Chasm

  • Corrected random SAI movement/level for 12 creatures

  • Zul'Farrak

  • Fixed Sandfury Shadowhunter's deadzone
  • Corrected Gahz'rilla's orientation after RP intro
  • Increased hostile mobs spawn height during stair event to prevent them from falling/spawning under textures

  • Blackrock Caverns

  • Rom'ogg Bonecrusher should no longer interrupt his spell casts with melee attacks, added extra checks to ensure Raz the Crazed event starting on death
  • Defiled Earth Rager is no longer immune to spell_shaman_bindelemental.gif Bind Elemental, spell_fire_fireball02.gif Meteor will now only select players as targets

  • The Stonecore

  • Added patrol paths for Unbound Earth Rager packs
  • Millhouse Manastorm now has audible voicelines, uses inv_misc_shadowegg.gif Blur during retreats, will repeatedly fail and reattempt to cast spell_shadow_charm.gif Impending Doooooom! until being knocked out of the way by Corborus
  • NPCs further than 30 yards from Corborus can no longer be affected by the knock during his intro sequence
  • Players can no longer skip bosses by sneaking past them in stealth
  • Slabhide's death will now properly despawn all and prevent more pillars from spawning
  • Corrected High Priestess Azil's animations during transitions

  • Halls of Origination

  • Corrected timings of Earthrager Ptah's phases
  • Rescripted Seedling Pods, they can now only sprout 8 seconds after entering combat
  • Corrected Lifewarden Nymph's model data to correct melee positioning
  • Adds spawned during the fight with Ammunae will now despawn properly when the fight is over/reset
  • Rescripted Void Sentinels to prevent them getting stuck or losing their inv_enchant_voidsphere.gif Void Barrier prematurely
  • Corrected Rajh's trigger flags, model data and emote stances, will no longer melee attack during inv_ammo_firetar.gif Blessing of the Sun or other casted spells
  • Successful casts of inv_elemental_primal_fire.gif Summon Sun Orb will now properly cause spell_fire_selfdestruct.gif Blazing Inferno

  • Deadmines

  • Corrected/moved/updated 51 total NPC levels/behaviour/positioning/scripts/pathfinding/emotes
  • Damage taken from exploding barrels will no longer pierce immunity
  • Mining Monkeys now randomly roam without a target/out of combat, freeing a new monkey when a previously freed one is nearby will no longer fail
  • Rescripted Oaf Lackey from SAI to CPP, reworked inv_axe_11.gif Axe to the Head targeting logic and timing
  • Prototype Reaper will now despawn and respawn between wipes
  • spell_nature_shamanrage.gif Ragezone now spawns centered around the targeted player
  • Entrance door to Lumbering Oaf is now closed by default
  • "Captain" Cookie now targets players properly when throwing food at them
  • Corrected flames and path to blizzlike during Glubtok's nightmare in the gauntlet event
  • Spiders will now spawn in waves instead of all at once during Helix's nightmare, corrected attack speeds
  • Enraged Worgen will now appear on the objective target frames

  • The Vortex Pinnacle

  • spell_nature_groundingtotem.gif Grounding Field can now only apply to NPCs that originally spawned under it
  • spell_frost_chillingblast.gif Chilling Blast can no longer miss

  • Throne of the Tides

  • Restructured Lady Naz'jar's script, she will now properly enter and exit transitions
  • Corrected damage and behaviour of spell_frost_chillingblast.gif Geyser (all variants)
  • Ozumat's retreat will now properly give Mythic credit

  • Lost City of the Tol'Vir

  • Corrected scripts/movement/health/type for 22 NPCs
  • Converted Oathsworn Captain from SAI to CPP, will now cast spell_nature_earthquake.gif Earthquake properly (can no longer damage self or attack manually)
  • Rescripted Augh RP sequences into 3 separate phases, implemented 4 text lines

  • Zul'Aman

  • Corrected emotes/movement/position/type/health/behaviour for 23 NPCs
  • Players no longer need to spamclick or multi-cast the gong to open the gates, Vol'jin now moves to the center of the doorway afterwards
  • Akil'zon now despawns all his adds and clears all aggro on death
  • Reworked instance logics for the proper scripting of captive trolls (Sacrifice event), they will now react to nearby bosses death and reward players with gold and loot from nearby objects after RP
  • Nalorakk will now only force pull mobs within 10 yards at each step of his retreat
  • Upon killing the first 4 bosses, Hex Lord Malacrass will react to the failure or success of the timed challenge with a conditional yell
  • Movements initiated by spell_nature_polymorph_cow.gif Domesticate will now be properly cancelled when the aura is removed
  • ability_druid_galewinds.gif Sweeping Winds bunny is no longer visible

  • Zul'Gurub

  • Corrected 122 NPC positions/emotes/weapons/pathing/flags
  • Mutated overgrowth at the dungeon entrance will now harm players without manually engaging in combat
  • Removed an out of place duplicate cauldron along the pathway
  • Reworked High Priest Venoxis maze to prevent multi-stacking aoe damage ticks, corrected tick rate
  • Corrected rate of inv_stone_16.gif Rolling Boulders spawning
  • Added missing alert to Bloodlord Mandokir's ability_heroicleap.gif Devastating Slam
  • Chained Spirits will now only spell_holy_resurrection.gif Revive players who died from ability_warrior_bloodbath.gif Decapitate
  • Chained Spirits can no longer die prematurely or take damage from non-intended sources
  • Ohgan now attacks the players after all the spirits are dead
  • There is now a chance for Bloodlord Mandokir to celebrate getting stacks of achievement_pvp_h_14.gif Level Up, as well as get a distant "Gratz mon" from Jin'do the Godbreaker; achievement_pvp_h_14.gif Level Up stacks now reset on wipe
  • Mortaxx's spell_shadow_shadowbolt.gif Shadow Bolt Volley can no longer miss
  • Corrected damage of inv_misc_food_meat_raw_04.gif Full of Meat, inv_gauntlets_05.gif Knock Away, spell_shadow_carrionswarm.gif Disease Touch
  • Rescripted Tiki Lord Zim'wae to cast inv_misc_bone_01.gif Bone Volley at target, corrected area radius to match visual
  • High Priestess Kilnara's cosmetic auras are now removed on death
  • Zanzil will now properly reset on group wipes, always cast spell_fire_twilightflamebreath.gif Zanzili Fire in a straight line, will no longer be able to cast spell_fire_twilightflamebolt.gif Voodoo Bolt while moving
  • Rescripted Gurubashi Spirit Warrior & Gurubashi Spirit and their transitions with the normal/spirit realms
  • Corrected spell_shadow_antimagicshell.gif Deadzone radius to better match visuals
  • spell_shadow_focusedpower.gif Sunder Rift no longer affects players
  • spell_arcane_arcane01.gif Spirit World will now appear as a buff
  • Hakkar's Chains are now immune to knockback effects

  • End Time

  • Echo encounters are now completely random, bosses at other shrines will no longer spawn
  • Corrected Image of Nozdormu's position at the Azure Dragonshrine, RP intro will no longer trigger in the wrong shrines
  • Corrected Echo of Jaina's spell_frost_iceshard.gif Frost Blades spread arc
  • Rescripted Time-Twisted Sorceress to cast all of her abilities properly
  • Added patrol paths to some Obsidian Dragonshrine trash packs
  • Rescripted spell_fire_lavaspawn.gif Call Flames, damage can no longer miss
  • Corrected Echo of Baine's ability_warstomp.gif Pulverize leap height/speed
  • Scripted RP intro, deleted prespawned triggers, repositioned stacked NPCs, rescripted progression sequence with notifications in the Emerald Dragonshrine
  • Moonlight spots now always spawn at their largest and shrink periodically, will no longer spawn or force aggro mobs when a player is not nearby
  • Emerald Dragonshrine trash can now switch between being spell_nature_moonglow.gif Moonlit / spell_shadow_charm.gif In Shadow
  • Corrected shape/speed/effect radius for inv_spear_04.gif Moonlance, spell_holy_elunesgrace.gif Eyes of the Goddess & spell_nature_moonglow.gif Dark Moonlight
  • Corrected Echo of Tyrande's spell rotation and sequencing to prevent spell overlapping failures
  • Post-death quest credit animation should now apply to multiple players ( Archival Purposes )

  • Well of Eternity

  • Added visible portal orbs to portal locations
  • Rescripted Guardian Demons, they can no longer enter combat with regular Legion Demons, corrected spell_shadow_fingerofdeath.gif Demon Grip conditions
  • Increased movement speed of Eye of Peroth'arn
  • Removed excess trash packs, added waypoints/roaming to some existing ones on the bridge of Azshara's Palace
  • Scripted spell_fire_blueflamering.gif Coldflame
  • Corrected Queen Azshara's mage wave timers and conditions, scripted RP outro sequence
  • Doomguard Annihilators are now roaming around the Shores of the Well
  • Demon portal above the well is now spawning cosmetic demon packs with the Dragon Soul now floating in the air just above, all visible from Azshara's platform
  • Corrected behaviour of various NPCs during the final boss fight

  • Hour of Twilight

  • Rescripted the entire RP intro sequence with Thrall, now turns/reacts/attacks/casts spells properly, added missing/corrected existing dialogues (~20), can no longer prematurely die, adjusted waypoints, will always move forward and resume the escort, etc
  • Prevented combat bugs caused by trigger NPCs
  • Corrected aesthetics and targeting logic during the fight with Arcurion
  • Rescripted and fixed visuals for Rising Fire Totem
  • Scripted and added missing Twilight Assassins to Galakrond's Rest, will now cast basic rogue spells and readjust positioning to get behind their target
  • Corrected Asira Dawnslayer RP intro sequence
  • ability_hunter_mastermarksman.gif Mark of Silence now properly fades on boss death
  • Scripted scene with Life Wardens getting ambushed while taking the players to the Path of the Titans


  • Excluded ~150 NPCs from spell_nature_massteleport.gif Teeming (bosses, questgivers, triggers, etc)
  • Personal key can no longer upgrade higher than the completed key's upgrade level
  • Environmental and other damage-dealing affixes will now be disabled in the instance after the Mythic Challenge is completed
  • spell_nature_earthquake.gif Quaking will no longer falsely indicate incoming damage on and around dead players
  • ability_backstab.gif Grievous will no longer apply from sourceless damage
  • Active affixes will now be displayed as a raid alert upon starting a Mythic Challenge, players now will get details about the started key in the chatbox
  • Players can no longer get saved to an instance where Challenge Mode is active
  • Mythic keys can now only be started by the Party Leader
  • Repolished keystone level setting code
  • Completed runs are now fully logged in the database (affixes, time, etc) for future hiscores
  • Corrected typo in chat message while opening Mythic Satchels

  • MISC

  • Corrected offset base stats for all player races and classes
  • Mechanical NPCs are no longer set to be immune to bleeds by default
  • Corrected 7 random spell alerts found to not be displaying their spell icons
  • Corrected immunities for all Training Dummies, will now forcibly clear all combat/aggro after 5 seconds of inactivity, and revive self if dead for any reason
  • Corrected default login locations and player orientations after faction change (is now the same as Trade District/Valley of Strength hearthstone); Before / After
  • Fixed condition where some NPCs could get stuck after spell_shadow_shadowworddominate.gif Mind Control
  • Cutscenes will now cancel player movement


  • Corrected 16 NPC equipment/positioning/emotes/movements in Orgrimmar
  • Wavespeaker Valoren can now be found next to the Flight Master at the Sandy Beach (Vashj'ir, above the Shimmering Expanse), and now offers to teleport players to and from the Throne of the Tides entrance

  • All previous changelogs are archived on our forums. You can access them by clicking here.


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