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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] February 28, 2022


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Ragefire Chasm

  • Corrected 89 NPC positions/states/waypoints/equipment/loot/HP

  • Gnomeregan

  • Corrected health pool of Crowd Pummeler 9-60

  • Blackrock Caverns

  • Checkpoint portals will now spawn after Raz the Crazed has jumped past Karsh Steelbender
  • Quicksilvers will now roam and become aggressive upon activation, and clear all aggro on cooling
  • Defiled Earth Rager's spell_fire_fireball02.gif Meteor can no longer deal damage to non-player units

  • Throne of the Tides

  • Removed combat bugs after bosses
  • Corrected spell radius of spell_shadow_shadowmend.gif Void Rip
  • Faceless Sapper now ignores threat
  • Neptulon's chest will no longer spawn in Mythic mode

  • Lost City of the Tol'Vir

  • Corrected Oathsworn Captain equipment
  • Added and scripted Pygmy Scout patrol
  • Corrected health/mana/level/visuals/positioning/pathing/flags for 30 NPCs alongside their Heroic version
  • Corrected visuals for inv_elemental_primal_earth.gif Dust Flail, size and shape of dust cloud, boss will no longer snap to random orientations before, or turn during the cast
  • Augh now turns and faces the corpse of Lockmaw during the roleplay event
  • Siamat will now trigger heavy rain weather during the fight and now casts spell_arcane_starfire.gif Storm Bolts properly

  • Shadowfang Keep

  • Corrected damage for Lupine Spectres in Heroic mode
  • Lord Walden's inv_misc_questionmark.gif Conjure Mystery Toxin visual no longer has a visible trigger

  • The Stonecore

  • Millhouse Manastorm can no longer cast spell_shadow_charm.gif Impending Doooooom! until he reaches his final location
  • Fixed case where Ozruk would randomly reset
  • spell_priest_mindspike.gif Rupture will no longer have a targetable controller or be affected by Mythic affixes
  • High Priestess Azil can no longer sometimes interrupt her own spell casts with melee attacks

  • The Vortex Pinnacle

  • Rescripted Lurking Tempest's ability_rogue_feigndeath.gif Feign Death
  • Fixed Turbulent Squall sometimes getting stuck
  • Howling Gale is now unaffected by affixes in Mythic mode
  • Corrected spell_nature_groundingtotem.gif Grounding Field patrol pack offsets and effects, bunny is now immune to AOE attacks

  • Halls of Origination

  • Some temple doors to hallways/corridors are now open by default (excluding gauntlet event and boss death triggers)
  • Rescripted Temple Fireshaper, spell_fire_fireball02.gif Meteor can no longer be duplicated or target shaman totems/guardians/etc
  • Bosses can no longer sometimes cause combat bug on/after death
  • Rescripted Temple Guardian Anhuur's levers from objectAI to cpp, they can no longer be exploited client-side, now have a different cursor icon and a yellow glow indicating active status
  • Corrected Earthrager Ptah's spell_fire_flamebolt.gif Flame Bolt ICD is now 25 seconds and no longer happens during phase 2, corrected phase transition conditions
  • Corrected respawn logic of trogg packs & immunity flags of elemental minibosses in The Vault of Lights on Normal and Heroic modes
  • Anraphet's spell_shadow_dispersion.gif Alpha Beams' damage can no longer "miss"
  • Spatial Anomaly now has spell_arcane_arcane01.gif Arcane Energy and casts spell_nature_wispsplode.gif Arcane Burst
  • Ammunae will now show and maintain the proper power levels before and during the encounter
  • Void Lord's spell_shadow_shadowfury.gif Void Burst can no longer miss
  • Void Sentinel is now immune to purge/dispel type effects
  • Sun-Touched trash mobs will now always disperse and spawn 3 smaller adds on death (1-3-9)

  • Deadmines

  • Scripted/repositioned/removed/corrected visuals for 96 total NPCs
  • Mining Powder barrels will now always inv_gizmo_supersappercharge.gif Explode on death
  • Corrected flags/texts/positioning for Glubtok on N & HC, instance will now save on his death instead of Helix
  • Defias Envoker now casts the correct version of ability_rogue_kidneyshot.gif Renegade Strength
  • Foe Reaper 5000 now only spawns one Prototype Reaper
  • Corrected conditions for "Captain" Cookie, fight can no longer start prematurely, no longer has a baby murloc spawned during nearby, A Note From Vanessa will now only be spawned after the fight
  • Slightly repositioned and redistributed Glubtok's fire spawns during the Nightmare event

  • Grim Batol

  • Scripted, redistributed, added waypoints, corrected equipment for trash packs

  • Zul'Gurub

  • Scripted, corrected creature type/equipment for 114 total NPCs
  • inv_misc_cauldron_nature.gif Toxic Torment is now a buff
  • spell_fire_blueflamebreath.gif Tiki Torch is now a debuff
  • Rescripted Venomguard Destroyer, inv_poison_mindnumbing.gif Cauldron Neutralizer can now be interrupted
  • Revamped poison cloud maze formation & speed during the fight with High Priest Venoxis
  • Gurubashi Boulder Roller's boulders hitbox corrected, are now untargetable, and despawn properly when reaching the bottom wall
  • Scripted and corrected visuals for Bloodlord Mandokir and his mechanics
  • spell_fire_fireball.gif Yoga Flame can no longer be avoided by hugging the wall
  • Corrected damage of Mortaxx's spell_shadow_shadowbolt.gif Shadow Bolt Volley
  • Gurubashi Blood Drinker's ability_racial_cannibalize.gif Blood Leech can now be interrupted with disarm type effects
  • Zanzil's special abilities now happen 30 seconds apart, spell_fire_twilightflamebolt.gif Voodoo Bolt will now always be cast on the highest threat only
  • Corrected locations, flags, states, spawning/respawning logic for Zanzili Berserker
  • spell_shadow_summonimp.gif Spirit Warrior's Gaze visual is now only applied to the actual target

  • End Time

  • Packs can now move across waypoints without crossing paths, removed one pack not present in retail
  • Corrected visibility for cosmetic circle trigger at Echo of Jaina spawn location, implemented 10 voice lines and added loot sparkle to fragments
  • Time-Twisted Geists will now ability_racial_cannibalize.gif Cannibalize the corpse of a nearby Time-Twisted Scourge Beast and gain ability_warrior_rampage.gif Taste of Flesh
  • Echo of Sylvanas jump target bunny is no longer targetable


  • Implemented and added [Mythic] tagged items to loot rolls, fixed errors and crashes
  • Corrected kill counter in Deadmines, Tol'Vir & Grim Batol due to trash pack correction changes
  • spell_nature_massteleport.gif Teeming can no longer spawn extra NPCs out of bounds

  • PVP


  • Players can no longer cast class-based portal-forming spells in battlegrounds

  • Alterac Valley

  • Rescripted Archers, reworked targeting, will no longer try to cast while feared, will now melee targets in melee range



  • Updated quest templates and objectives, set correct flags, corrected quest chains, reworked phasing (10 total), decreased spawn times from 8 to 3-4 mins
  • Corrected/scripted 274 total NPCs/loot/indicators/events/spells/texts/gossip/emotes/spawns/objects
  • Scripted rocketway transport system, all 20 possible transits
  • Fixed achievements ability_mage_potentspirit.gif Glutton for Fiery/Icy/Shadowy Punishment, ability_mount_rocketmount.gif Joy Ride, achievement_zone_azshara_01.gif Azshara Quests
  • Reworked Runaway Shredders, will no longer fail to turn friendly if killed too fast or by a pet
  • Added visuals for the Sisters of the Sea
  • Corrected path of Wings of Steel during Airborne Again
  • inv_stone_05.gif Absorb Water Elemental will no longer cause combat bugs
  • Camera view now should stay above water during the transport of Wash Out
  • Personal Arcane Assistant can now auto attack
  • Corrected announcement typos for all 3 trials, corrected frost orb rotation speed, frost trap hitboxes, quest completion triggers
  • Players can no longer get stuck at the Arcane Pinnacle after Turning the Tables by taking the wrong portal
  • Gob Squad no longer despawns when the player enters the Temple of Zin-Malor
  • spell_frost_iceshard.gif Hurl Spine can now be only cast while targeting Lord Kassarus, boss can no longer move during the fight
  • Sable Drakes should no longer be too far for the inv_helmet_44.gif Cryomatic 16 during Ice Cold

  • Gilneas

  • Reworked core scripts for Sacrifices


  • Corrected min/max damage for 110 NPCs in Westfall & Duskwood
  • Maegan Tillman can now properly set inv_misc_rune_01.gif Hearthstone location
  • Corrected position/equipment/movement/emotes/visuals for 37 NPCs in and around Orgrimmar

  • MISC

  • Fixed crash/freeze potential with vehicles
  • Implemented function for getting visual offset between targets
  • Mechanical NPCs (Including BG Demolishers) should now be able to self-heal while remaining immune to outside healing, are no longer immune to dispels
  • Implemented flag which allows movement controls and switching between fly/swim/ground states in core scripts
  • Fear effects can no longer sometimes force remove rooted flags

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