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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] January 29, 2022


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  • Fixed visual bug with pet action bars not showing cooldowns correctly

  • ma.gif Mage
  • Minor corrections to spell_fire_rune.gif Cauterize proc trigger
  • spell_mage_flameorb.gif Flame Orb / spell_firefrost-orb.gif Frostfire Orb can no longer tick after exploding (spell_fire_immolation.gif Fire Power), can no longer explode more than once per cast, corrected pathing

  • dr.gif Druid
  • ability_druid_mangle2.gif Mangle critical strikes will now always top up the ability_racial_cannibalize.gif Savage Defense absorption amount when ability_smash.gif Pulverize is active with trade_engineering.gif Druid T13 Feral 2P Bonus effect

  • hu.gif Hunter
  • ability_rogue_feint.gif Disengage ( and ability_racial_rocketjump.gif Rocket Jump ) will now correctly recalculate fall damage taken

  • war.gif Warrior
  • ability_heroicleap.gif Heroic Leap vertical parabola peak increased (visual only, no actual effect)

  • pa.gif Paladin
  • Corrected Protection spell_holy_heroism.gif Guardian of Ancient Kings visuals

    Ragefire Chasm

  • Scripted animations for Bovaal Whitehorn

  • Zul'Farrak

  • Reworked Gong and stairs events, Gahz'rilla, Shadowpriest Sezz'ziz, and Nekrum Gutchewer are no longer pre-spawned
  • Corrected NPC AI, equip templates, behaviour, aggro range, and health/mana
  • Sandfury Shadowhunters & Sandfury Blood Drinkers are now written in cpp

  • The Vortex Pinnacle

  • spell_lifegivingspeed.gif Upwind of Altairus / ability_creature_cursed_04.gif Downwind of Altairus are now based on relative position instead of orientation, and are no longer delayed
  • Corrected shape and visibility of spell_nature_lightningbolt.gif Unstable Grounding Field

  • The Stonecore

  • Corrected Slabhide animations (airwalking)
  • Stonecore Sentry will now flee and alert nearby packs, alike the initial pull sequence
  • Corrected delay for High Priestess Azil's transitions according to spell_arcane_blast.gif Energy Shield cast time, corrected movement speed during leaps between phases

  • Blackrock Caverns

  • spell_shadow_mindtwisting.gif Transformation no longer affects player summons

  • Lost City of the Tol'Vir

  • Corrected scripting/waypoints/positions/behaviour for 91 total NPCs
  • Reduced screen/visual issues caused by ability_warrior_charge.gif Bad Intentions
  • spell_nature_earthquake.gif Shockwave can no longer multi-spawn more damage triggers than intended
  • Scripted RP intro for Augh, corrected positioning of Lockmaw
  • spell_holy_divinepurpose.gif Heaven's Fury can no longer happen during spell_holy_divinepurpose.gif Repentance, fixed visuals/animations
  • Soul Fragments can now properly get ability_warlock_improvedsoulleech.gif Burning Soul, and award http://cdn.cavernoftime.com/cata/icons/medium/inv_misc_firedancer_01.gif Kill It With Fire!
  • Wind tunnel bunnies are no longer visible
  • Corrected Siamat's movement speed on normal mode
  • Servants of Siamat will now go immune on death and always cast spell_nature_lightningshield.gif Lightning Charge before dying
  • Corrected ability_druid_galewinds.gif Wailing Winds duration

  • Grim Batol

  • Corrected 191 NPC positions/waypoints/equipment/scripts
  • Nets are no longer aggressive, corrected cursor icons/alerts/gossip, implemented shortcut rides and in-sequence boss killcount checker function
  • General Umbriss can no longer be interrupted, hid various spell bunnies, troggs will now despawn on death/reset, and apply debuffs properly
  • Enslaved Gronn Brutes now are stationary and imprisoned while out of combat
  • Corrected small chance of Forgemaster Throngus getting stuck after inv_shield_76.gif Personal Phalanx, corrected creature texts, hid spell bunnies
  • Twilight Wyrmcaller will now summon and call Twilight Drake for help
  • Drahga Shadowburner now roams the platform before the fight as per retail
  • Faceless Corruptors now ignore taunts
  • Eggs should no longer start on low HP, and now summon 2 Twilight Hatchlings instead of 3
  • Corrected spell_shadow_sacrificialshield.gif Manifested Nightmare radius
  • Corrected creature texts for Erudax

  • Shadowfang Keep

  • Corrected texts for Baron Ashbury, should no longer "pause" after spell_holy_healingaura.gif Stay of Execution

  • Throne of the Tides

  • 9 Groups linked into packs
  • Fixed crash on Faceless Watcher resetting, reduced height of spell_shadow_shadowmend.gif Void Rip lift
  • Corrected duration of inv_misc_shadowegg.gif Absorb Magic, will no longer heal mages who spell_arcane_arcane02.gif Spellsteal it

  • Edited "no keystone data" message to include instructions for finding Aggra
  • Startup sequence now includes a kneel stun instead of a sleep aura, in form of a "starting line" instead of a stack, includes pets, and now comes with a backup removal timer (in case of a crash)
  • Implemented beta version of mythic hiscores DB logging
  • Implemented anti-tamper; NPCs entering combat before challenge mode starts will prevent challenge mode from being started until the instance is reset
  • Mythic loot template now has ~3200 possible rewards in the selection
  • PVP


  • Fixed case where crossfaction players could understand /say from players on their home faction
  • Rated and non-rated battlegrounds will auto-assign player roles based on their talent specialization upon entry into the battleground.


  • Slightly increased quest reward money for starting quests

  • Redridge Mountains

  • Fixed questline, corrected next quests in chains, corrected quest flags, updated objectives, created and designed 11 phases in the zone
  • Removed/updated models for 88 pre-cata NPCs
  • Fixed/corrected 107 quest items/objects/loot/indicators/scripts/animations/positions/unit states
  • General zone cleanup, decreased all respawn times from 5-8 mins to 3 mins
  • Slightly increased quest reward money for starting quests

  • Some quests worth mentioning;

  • Breaking Out is Hard To Do - Completing the quest now summons a quest giver as guardian
  • And Last But Not Least... Danforth - Scripted event where Danforth is chained
  • It's Never Over - Scripted boat trip, added equipment for Keeshan, Messner, Jorgensen, Danforth and Krakauer
  • Point of Contact: Brubaker - Fixed hanging animation and interact reaction for Brubaker
  • To Win a War, You Gotta Become War - Scripted quest credit spots and fixed bomb planting animation. All texts and warning messages corrected.
  • Detonation - Fixed detonation event, scripted camera movement, all animations, transitions and visual effects, after completion the area terrain will now change into a big hole.
  • AHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!!! - Scripted vehicle, machine gun and Keeshan as passenger
  • Darkblaze, Brood of the Worldbreaker - Scripted fight, summoning, talk and the final event


  • Snapdown will now force players to fall clientside afterwards
  • Prevented false positives in Dalaran Sewers arena

  • Repositioned some, and added all missing archeology digsite bunnies
  • MISC

  • inv_jewelcrafting_gem_34.gif Transmute: Living Elements now gives the correct Volatile element in specific zones
  • Corrected spell attributes for cosmetic chained spells
  • Added hollow framework for "retail like" spell queueing
  • Implemented variable to store the status of critical strikes

  • All previous changelogs are archived on our forums. You can access them by clicking here.


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