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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] December 25, 2021


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  • Set swapping (such as with trade_engineering.gif PvP 2-set bonus) will no longer add or remove more auras than it should
  • All Pets/guardians will now always inherit the owners expertise for dodge/parry chance calculations

  • ma.gif Mage
  • stave_2h_tarecgosa_e_01stagefinal.gif Wrath of Tarecgosa procs will now properly add/consume stacks of spell_arcane_blast.gif Arcane Blast and/or ability_mage_wintersgrasp.gif Fingers of Frost

  • rog.gif Rogue
  • Corrected ability_rogue_smoke.gif Smoke Bomb aura behaviour, should no longer interfere with friendly targeting, only block enemy spell_shaman_spiritlink.gif Spirit Link Totems, etc

  • hu.gif Hunter
  • ability_hunter_traplauncher.gif Trap Launcher can no longer incorrectly remove or despawn traps when placing all 3 kinds with it simultaneously

  • sh.gif Shaman
  • spell_shaman_unleashweapon_flame.gif Flametongue Attack proc damage now properly scales with weapon attack speed
  • Corrected proc conditions for spell_shaman_stormearthfire.gif Time Rupture ( T13 Elemental 4P Bonus effect )



  • Corrected/scripted 11 TBC dungeon quests

  • Wailing Caverns

  • Corrected all NPC spawn locations to blizzlike


  • Added visual effect to inv_elemental_mote_fire01.gif Bursting on NPC death

  • PVP


  • spell_deathknight_pathoffrost.gif Path of Frost is no longer removed by picking up BG buffs such as spell_nature_bloodlust.gif Berserking
  • Battleground AFK debuffs ( ability_hibernation.gif Idle / spell_nature_polymorph_cow.gif Inactive ) are no longer removable without actions from the affected player

  • Isle of Conquest

  • Corrected NPC spawn locations to blizzlike



  • Quest Handler has been rewritten to better support popup/remote accept/complete quests and GUI

  • Northern Barrens

  • Fixed quest flags (for automatic offering quests)
  • Corrected map area indicators and NPC spawns & behaviour for and during In Defense of Far Watch & The Far Watch Offensive
  • Grol'dom Kodo no longer disappears/phases/despawns during unrelated quests
  • Removed To the Mor'shan Rampart
  • ability_hunter_pet_raptor.gif Wittle Waptors can now be obtained during combat
  • Fixed location indicator for Lieutenant Buckland during A Captain's Vengeance
  • Serena Bloodfeather is no longer offered earlier than intended
  • WANTED: Cap'n Garvey is no longer available for Horde only
  • Raging River Ride is now in CPP instead of SAI (smooth movement)

  • Loch Modan

  • The Winds of Loch Modan now has blizzlike scripts and is written in CPP instead of SAI (smooth movement)

  • Mount Hyjal

  • As Hyjal Burns is now written in CPP instead of SAI for smooth movement
  • Scripted and created blizzlike core scripts for Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power


  • Laid foundations for Dragon Soul stacking trinkets proccing from periodic effects (awaiting core edits)

  • All previous changelogs are archived on our forums. You can access them by clicking here.


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