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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] November 26, 2021


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  • Pet spells should now swap targets correctly and run to the target if out of range
  • Line of Sight should no longer be able to "eat" single target spells
  • Changing talents should no longer exclude certain talent auras
  • Fixed an exploit with item swaps (damage stacking)
  • inv_glyph_primepriest.gif Glyph of Shadow Word: Death, inv_glyph_primehunter.gif Glyph of Kill Shot, & inv_glyph_primewarlock.gif Glyph of Shadowburn should now always reset their respective spells' cooldown if the target is still alive after cast
  • Various other minor pet upgrades

  • wa.gif Warlock
  • spell_holy_silence.gif Unstable Affliction is no longer subject to Diminishing Returns

  • pr.gif Priest
  • Spamming spell_shadow_shadowworddominate.gif Mind Control can no longer prematurely reset the casting progress of itself
  • Corrected spell_holy_spiritualguidence.gif Expansive Mind (all variants) stacks gained from spell_holy_penance.gif Penance healing ticks

  • rog.gif Rogue
  • Rogues can once again generate combo points from their own crits with ability_rogue_honoramongstthieves.gif Honor Among Thieves (all ranks) (reverted false fix)

  • dr.gif Druid
  • Druids should now always end up facing their target after using spell_druid_feralchargecat.gif Feral Charge (Cat Form)
  • inv_misc_bone_taurenskull_01.gif Skull Bash (Bear Form) & inv_bone_skull_04.gif Skull Bash (Cat Form) can now charge targets under immunity effects
  • ability_druid_tigersroar.gif Survival Instincts no longer grants damage reduction out of form

  • hu.gif Hunter
  • Corrected ability_hunter_potentvenom.gif Widow Venom duration in PvP to 10 seconds
  • ability_hunter_improvedsteadyshot.gif Improved Steady Shot (all ranks) will no longer reset counter if an aspect is casted between Steady Shots
  • Interrupt effects no longer pierce through ability_whirlwind.gif Deterrence
  • Traps should now be visible for enemies close enough to them

  • sh.gif Shaman
  • spell_shaman_lavaburst.gif Lava Burst can now be boosted by spell_shaman_unleashweapon_flame.gif Unleash Flame even if it's already in the air

  • pa.gif Paladin
  • spell_holy_heroism.gif Guardian of Ancient Kings now retaliates on all harmful effects instead of just damage
  • ability_paladin_beaconoflight.gif Beacon of Light will no longer proc ability_paladin_protectoroftheinnocent.g Protector of the Innocent
  • spell_holy_proclaimchampion_02.gif Zealotry no longer consumes spell_holy_mindvision.gif Divine Purpose

  • dk.gif Death Knight
  • spell_frost_ring-of-frost.gif Ring of Frost stolen by spell_holy_consumemagic.gif Dark Simulacrum can now fail if the DK gets locked on Frost


  • Fixed/Corrected phasing/gossip/scripts/item drop rates for 65 pre-cata dungeon/raid related quests/quest related NPCs/objects

  • PVP


  • Arena Scoreboard should now always pop up on match finish
  • Rewritten and improved Arena Spectator system
  • Added automatic role check on joining Battlegrounds
  • Teleporters in IoC and SotA should no longer dismount the user
  • Corrected calculations for spell_shadow_demonicfortitude.gif Shadow Word: Death, spell_fire_incinerate.gif Ignite & spell_fire_sealoffire.gif Combustion damage on targets with resilience

  • Warsong Gulch

  • Corrected wrong flagstate on flag drop, should no longer incorrectly punish players for cheating

  • Isle of Conquest

  • Fixed teleporter next to the flag not being selectable in the Hangar
  • inv_misc_bag_08.gif Parachute should now get properly removed upon leaving IoC

  • Strand of the Ancients

  • Corrected boat positioning and path


    Bloodmyst Isle

  • Fixed quest flags, corrected questline/chains, updated objectives, fixed indicators/markers on minimap, added phasing/cutscenes
  • Corrected 103 items/objects/loot/scripts/spawns/tooltips/NPCs/gossip/events /waypoints/conditions
  • Beds, Bandages, and Beyond quest chain is now Draenei only

  • Northern Barrens

  • Fixed questlines, corrected next quests in chains, corrected quest flags, updated objectives, fixed gossips and quest indicators on minimap
  • Corrected 175 objects/loot/NPCs/scripts/waypoints/spawntimers/events/phasing
  • The zone has been cleansed from pre-cata creatures positions, and updated to Cataclysm standards


  • inv_misc_stonetablet_04.gif Will of Unbinding & inv_misc_qirajicrystal_05.gif Heart of Unliving (all versions) can no longer gain stacks from periodic damage/healing

  • MISC

  • Database logging improvements, crash fix

  • All previous changelogs are archived on our forums. You can access them by clicking here.


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