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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] October 27, 2021


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  • Unequipping one of two of the same weapon will no longer remove auras (proc chance) for both
  • Scripted dynamic miss chance based on level difference in PvE
  • Nature based CC effects can no longer pierce immunity
  • Channeled spells can no longer get interrupted if cast too quickly after movement
  • Reactive spells and auras now update on levelup properly (Paladins no longer have to refresh seals for spell_holy_righteousfury.gif Judgement, etc)

  • ma.gif Mage
  • spell_arcane_arcane04.gif Arcane Missiles! can no longer proc without spell_nature_starfall.gif Arcane Missiles learned
  • spell_mage_flameorb.gif Flame Orb / spell_firefrost-orb.gif Frostfire Orb and spell_magic_lesserinvisibilty.gif Mirror Images can no longer break inv_misc_head_dragon_01.gif Dragon's Breath or a Rogue's ability_vanish.gif Vanish

  • wa.gif Warlock
  • Warlocks can no longer gain spell_shadow_demonicpact.gif Demonic Pact from their inactive spec

  • pr.gif Priest
  • Priests can now apply spell_holy_wordfortitude.gif Power Word: Fortitude and spell_holy_prayerofshadowprotection.gif Shadow Protection to random friendly targets properly
  • Shadowfiend now force despawns on a successfully landed spell_shadow_shadowworddominate.gif Mind Control instead of at the beginning of the cast
  • Shadowy Apparitions are no longer targetable/interactable
  • Players charmed by spell_shadow_shadowworddominate.gif Mind Control will no longer be able to see the priests' stealthed group/party members

  • rog.gif Rogue
  • ability_rogue_honoramongstthieves.gif Honor Among Thieves (all ranks) no longer grants Combo Points for the caster
  • ability_stealth.gif Stealth is now removed upon being spell_shadow_mindsteal.gif Blinded
  • Leftover Combo Points fading from dead targets can no longer reset new ones on new targets

  • dr.gif Druid
  • Corrected ability_racial_cannibalize.gif Savage Defense behaviour
  • ability_druid_owlkinfrenzy.gif Owlkin Frenzy no longer fades outside spell_nature_forceofnature.gif Moonkin Form

  • hu.gif Hunter
  • ability_hunter_beastsoothe.gif Revive Pet can no longer be cast without a dead summoned pet
  • ability_whirlwind.gif Auto Shot can now miss and get deflected
  • ability_rogue_feint.gif Disengage no longer resets ability_whirlwind.gif Auto Shot timer
  • Added more movement checks for ability_rogue_feigndeath.gif Feign Death, should now prevent and break on movement entirely

  • pa.gif Paladin
  • Corrected ability_paladin_sanctifiedwrath.gif Ancient Fury damage, scripted damage splitting on multiple targets, no longer casted if caster has 0 stacks of ability_paladin_blessedhands.gif Ancient Power
  • Guardian of Ancient Kings now pauses attacks on targets affected by spell_holy_prayerofhealing.gif Repentance

  • dk.gif Death Knight
  • Corrected all stat calculations for all Improved Presences, auras are now properly applied on login and respawn
  • Fixed DR for inv_staff_15.gif Hungering Cold


    Wailing Caverns

  • Reworked all bosses, added missing mechanics and quotes, adjusted drop tables
  • Trash mobs can no longer get stuck in the water during the last boss event

  • Scarlet Monastery

  • Removed wrongly spawned NPCs

  • Gnomeregan

  • Grubbis & Chomper are no longer pre-spawned
  • Corrected loot tables

  • Razorfen Downs

  • Glutton & Tuten'kash are no longer pre-spawned

  • Scholomance

  • Corrected movement/pathing for Lord Alexei Barov

  • Zul'Aman

  • Scripted RP door opening event sequence with Vol'jin
  • Players should now only need to ring the gong once
  • Implemented Sacrifice kill timer and a few misc NPC waypoints
  • Amani'shi Savages now roam around randomly
  • Corrected Amani'shi Lookout RP scout event
  • Corrected aggro range for Akil'zon
  • Amani'shi Warbringers will now properly dismount at 30% health
  • Corrected Amani Bear Mount level and health values
  • Rescripted Nalorakk's RP event and flee sequence, reworked position values, polished movement, corrected final fight position, hid trigger bunnies
  • Implemented RP text lines for Amani'shi Scout, Amani'shi Guardian, Zandalari Archon
  • Amani Lynxes now have ability_druid_prowl.gif Prowl
  • Corrected RP sequences for Hex Lord Malacrass
  • spell_shadow_soulleech_2.gif Siphon Soul now appears as a debuff
  • Corrected Blood Worm spawns, health, movement speed, they will now heal the boss if they are within 2 yards
  • Daakara's Spirit Beasts are no longer targetable
  • Feather Vortex no longer has a visible bunny and is no longer targetable
  • Phase 3 shapeshift forms are now completely random
  • PVP


  • Duels no longer remove 0 duration auras
  • Removed "Failed refresh due to invalid zone" message in "non-duel" areas
  • Duel resets now include: Full Health and Resource bars for players and their pets, Warlock Soul Shards to 3, Rogue/Feral Combo Points, Paladin Holy Power, Moonkin Eclipse states, Forbearance/Hypothermia removal, UHDK pet stacks and transforms, temporary unit spawns (such as Gurthalak tentacle), Diminishing Returns on players and pets, and many various other temporary buffs and procs will reset on start and finish
  • Cooldown reset notification will occur before timer start
  • Spells cast on accepted duel opponents of the opposing faction no longer flags for PvP
  • Duels will always stop attacking when it ends via fleeing
  • Fixed several crash conditions
  • Players can no longer see their stealthed opponents in a duel if they are in a group
  • Pets can no longer get stuck at walking speed after CC
  • Gapcloser spells such as ability_rogue_shadowstep.gif Shadowstep can no longer prematurely reset combat timer while dueling in Sanctuary zones
  • Increased Duel range radius from 50 to 65 yards

  • Isle of Conquest

  • Corrected spell location on action bars for Demolishers
  • Removed 1 duplicate keep cannon


  • Fixed questline, corrected questchains, separated Blood Elf chain from regular chain
  • Fixed 30 items/objects, now can't be looted after quest or when item is in bags or bank, corrected loot/credit/tooltips
  • Repositioned NPCs in Tranquillien, fixed their emotes/states/gossip
  • Hostile mobs no longer attack critters in the area
  • Spawned more mobs around to avoid encountering empty regions in the zone
  • Removed strange crystals and corrected NPCs inside Ziggurats
  • Arcanist Janeda now offers Captives at Deatholme
  • Fixed quest indicator/marker on minimap and updated objectives for 3 quests
  • Removed duplicate Night Elf Moon Crystal in An'daroth

  • Loch Modan

  • Fixed quest flags, corrected questline and chains
  • Decreased spawn time in the zone for all NPCs from 8/5 minutes to 3/2 minutes
  • Scripted 66 objects/NPCs/items, added text/waypoints/area markers, corrected loot/indicators/positioning
  • Removed 167 duplicate/pre-cata NPCs/quests
  • Torren Squarejaw now offers Heartfelt Appreciation

  • Mount Hyjal & Molten Front

  • Egg Hunt - purple beam visual should no longer hover above object, improved scripts - should no longer stop by trying to interfere with nearby mobs
  • Corrected HP of Garr
  • Spawned more Blueroot Vines for Supplies for the Other Side
  • Added dismount on gossip during Leyara
  • Corrected drop rates during Relieving the Pain & Treating the Wounds
  • Fixed sometimes not being able to turn in Rage Against the Flames
  • Nature's Blessing - Corrected damage of spell_nature_corrosivebreath.gif Boiling Poison Bolt, should no longer cause combat bug
  • Improved scripts for Death to the Broodmother
  • Added waypoints for every Spirit of Malorne
  • Created new phasing system and spawned ~800 missing creatures/objects in Molten Front with 12 phases, corrected drop chances
  • Fixed quest templates for MF questline and daily quests, created 16 new daily quest pools
  • Through the Gates of Hell - Enabled portal to Molten Front, scripted visual effect related with planting seed/tree
  • Scripted 300+ events/NPCs, added waypoints/text phrases/gossip
  • creatureportrait_g_bomb_02.gif Death from Above can only be obtained during Fire in the Skies
  • Fixed and scripted NPCs for ability_hunter_pet_spider.gif King of the Spider-Hill

  • Corrected stock and prices for Gotri
  • MISC

  • Classic transmog bug should now get blocked
  • Fixed combat bug related to vehicles
  • Fixed crash potential with inv_misc_food_62.gif Winter Veil Cookie
  • Adjusted price of inv_misc_key_05.gif Warbot Ignition Key to 500 gold

  • All previous changelogs are archived on our forums. You can access them by clicking here.


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