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Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

Welcome to the Neltharion forums

[Changelog] September 22, 2021


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  • Pets can no longer be forced to move while rooted
  • Corrected all Guardian behaviours
  • Corrected spell power stacking logic


ma.gif Mage

wa.gif Warlock

pr.gif Priest

  • spell_shadow_shadowworddominate.gif Mind Control will now always be removed from both the target and the caster when one is interrupted/removed, corrected spell durations for NPCs
  • NPCs affected by spell_shadow_shadowworddominate.gif Mind Control now have a 3 second GCD after every spell cast


rog.gif Rogue

hu.gif Hunter

sh.gif Shaman

pa.gif Paladin

  • inv_glyph_primepaladin.gif Glyph of Seal of Truth's effect will now properly be activated on login without the base spell having to be reapplied


war.gif Warrior



  • Party flag now correctly gets removed from the players even if they do not leave the dungeon instance via the "green eye"


Ragefire Chasm

Stormwind Stockades

  • Pushed back line of attackers at the entrance
  • Injured Guards and Riflemen are now sitting/sleeping in the questgivers rooms
  • Added a missing Lightwell near Nurse Lilian
  • Cleared out some duplicates, repositioned some packs to look blizzlike
  • Randolph Moloch no longer resets the fight after Vanish
  • Adjusted droprate for spell_fire_lavaspawn.gif Lord Overheat's Fiery Core


Blackrock Caverns

The Vortex Pinnacle


  • Beth'tilac can no longer interrupt her own spell_fire_moltenblood.gif Venom Rain
  • Reworked distance checks between volcanoes and Lord Rhyolith's body in addition to his legs, and corrected the total platform area in which volcanoes can spawn during the fight
  • spell_fire_meteorstorm.gif Living Meteor can no longer fail to spawn a meteor due to a target's immunity

Dragon Soul



  • Reworked and rebalanced Mythic loot/satchel system, implemented dynamic scaling per key level
  • Loot tables are now in the database instead of the core
  • Scripted reward code, added support for all 6 satchels, rewards will now be sent to the player via mail if inventory is full
  • Each satchel has now 3 sub tables, based on armour type, class, and general goods
  • Upgrading your loot by having everything obtained in a certain tier will no longer award extra JP/VP/Gold
  • Artifact bags give 1500-2500 gold if the player has obtained every item on its loot tables
  • Fixed crash potential with mount rewards
  • Keystones are now individual, they now upgrade evenly across group members (completing a level 10 dungeon with a level 11 personal key can only grant +2 to the player when the owner gets +3, etc.)
  • Mythic rewards now mirror the level of the completed dungeon key rather than individual key level
  • Fixed issue with keystones not changing upon failing timer
  • Added text, visuals (emote animation + blue/red levelup spell effect), and sounds on Mythic challenge completion, finishing a key now also shows info about next key in the chat
  • Added option to reset key on trying to start a different instance than current key
  • Challenge Mode NPC has been reskinned to Aggra
  • Updated visuals and aesthetics for Aggra, added spell icons, affix descriptions and general information to her interface dialogue and gossip
  • Aggra can now be found in Stormwind/Orgrimmar/Dalaran/Shattrath, now provides the player with a physical keystone item, as well as some RP elements about the system
  • Mythic keystone item is an unsellable quest item unique to each player, with an onuse effect to display info about the players current key, even when a different key is already in progress
  • Added RP text and voicelines to Aggra when starting a Mythic challenge, fixed issue with unlimited/infinite spam
  • Corrected kill counters for Blackrock Caverns, Throne of the Tides, Halls of Origination, The Stonecore
  • Removed respawn mechanic on load in some instances, would make some dungeons complete earlier than intended
  • Added spell_nature_massteleport.jpg Teeming, spell_deathknight_necroticplague.jpg Necrotic, inv_misc_volatilewater.jpg Overflowing, inv_chest_plate04.jpg Relentless into random affix generation
  • Added 4th affix slot for keys above level 15
  • Affixes are now split into 4 groups, only 2 of each group can apply to each key at any level, rebalanced groups per level
  • Enemy health and damage multiplier now starts scaling at level 1 instead of 2
  • Separated Challenge Timer and Enemy Forces quest objectives




  • Reworked database table and added core support for arena match logging
  • Added check to prevent crossfaction mount morphing in arenas/rated bgs
  • Corrected crossfaction Worgen-Troll female models
  • Capturing in rated battlegrounds will now trigger the helix effect
  • Base capturing helix should no longer have a chance to be off-centered
  • Fixed several BG transport objects
  • PvP flagged players can no longer flag their same-faction duel opponents
  • Temporary summons (not pets) are now removed on duel completion
  • Scripted seasonal arena reward distribution system
  • Implemented Wargames for all maps and brackets

Tol Barad

  • Players will now receive a system message if they are removed from siege engines for lacking the ability_vehicle_demolisherflamecatapult. Veteran buff


Isle of Conquest

  • Players exiting gunship turrets will no longer fall in a random location
  • Siege engines can now be driven as functioning vehicles, they now have 2 flame cannons and a main turret with corrected phasing, spells, and spell damage


Alterac Valley

Strand of the Ancients

  • Boats are now moving properly
  • Implemented sounds for capturing graveyards


Eye of the Storm (rated)

  • Implemented all worldstates
  • Centered all banners
  • Corrected all sounds, notifications, and point reward calculations for capturing bases/flags
  • Capturing flags will now instantly update the score



Mount Hyjal

The Scarlet Enclave


  • Weapons and trinkets from Dragon Soul can no longer proc off of each others damage/healing
  • inv_misc_food_62.gif Winter Veil Cookie now properly grants spell_misc_food.gif Well Fed



  • Certain objects will no longer "snap-pull" players into them
  • Added text emote responses for Reckful
  • Fixed combat bug caused by NPCs with SAI scripts
  • Introduced Warpweaver Fazsh, a custom NPC for transmogrification
  • Implemented initial rule system of transmogging, added several null checks, added access violation checks
  • Added rules to prevent certain transmog combinations, enabled options to allow others for higher prices
  • Blocked Thrown-Bow transmog
  • Cleaned up issues preventing item mogging appearing as valid with the current system
  • Options will be displayed if players can not afford transmog, panel will close and print a message



  • Taking various portals to zones/areas where flying is not allowed will now cancel Druid shapeshift forms



  • Fixed edgewalking issue - Standing on a ledge with your character models center over the edge and walking/spinning will no longer false positive as airwalking



  • Mythic dungeon groups that don't beat the timer are now rewarded with a roll at the Mythic Satchels 3 levels lower than the key in progress

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