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  1. Alterac Valley has two titan bosses available to help the game end. Both will spend 10 minutes roaming the middle field, and then proceed to just outside the enemy base, killing anything in their path. Once they reach their final destination, they will roam randomly for the remainder of the game. Both bosses spawn with 21.4 million health and 3.3 million mana. Ivus the Forest Lord Ivus the Forest Lord fights for the alliance using a toolkit similar to balance druids, utilizing spread damage to apply pressure on larger groups. Ivus attacks with (50,000 - 70,000) base melee damage every 3 seconds. Ivus will regularly apply/refresh faerie fire on targets nearby. Ivus will regularly apply/refresh moonfire on targets nearby. Ivus will occasionally mass root. Ivus will alternate between wrath and starfire for damage as well as melee attacks. Summoning Ivus: [Storm Crystal] is rewarded for scoring the killing blow on horde players. Return these to Archdruid Renferal and complete [Ivus the Forest Lord](1 credit) or [Crystal Cluster](5 credits). Once 200 have been turned in, Ivus will spawn in the field of strife and yell: "Wicked, wicked, mortals! The forest weeps. The elements recoil at the destruction. Ivus must purge you from this world!" Lokholar the Ice Lord Lokholar the Ice Lord fights for the horde using a toolkit similar to frost mages, utilizing crowd control to mitigate incoming damage. Lokholar attacks with (29,400 - 41,160) base melee damage every 3 seconds. Lokholar will gain a stack of swell of souls upon killing an enemy unit (NPC or Player). At 7 stacks of swell of souls, Lokholar will deal (50,000 - 70,000) melee damage. swell of souls can stack up to 10 times. Lokholar will regularly apply/refresh frost shock on targets nearby. Lokholar will alternate between freezing his main target and a random target. Lokholar will occasionally mass nova. Lokholar will alternate between blizzard and frostbolt for damage as well as melee attacks. Summoning Lokholar: [Stormpike Soldier's Blood] is rewarded for scoring the killing blow on alliance players. Return these to Primalist Thurloga and complete [Lokholar the Ice Lord](1 credit) or [A Gallon of Blood](5 credits). Once 200 have been turned in, Lokholar will spawn in the field of strife and yell: "WHO DARES SUMMON LOKHOLAR? The blood of a thousand Alliance soldiers I shall spill...none shall stand against the might of the Ice Lord!"
  2. This post is a collection of posted MAC client links found after searching the internet. Websites that appear to be adware/malware rich have been excluded. None of these links have been tested as of the most recent update to this post. wowfreakz [MAGNET] zremax - MAC minimal client [MAGNET] zremax - MAC full client [MAGNET] Blizzard's official 15595 download link [does not seem to work] Warmane - MAC 15595 client installer Warmane - MAC 15595 client installer [#2?] wowdl.net's "Client WoW 4.3.4 Mac FR" wowmortal's 4.3.4 run & play wowmortal's 4.3.4 full client yourgamingdude.com's relink of Monster-WoW's MAC client
  3. Post your most useful macros below.
  4. Cryptid


    When a player or creature is placed under crowd control, this addon will replace their picture with a timer for that crowd control. LoseControl.rar
  5. Cryptid


    Move anything on your UI, anywhere. usage: /move MoveAnything.rar
  6. Cryptid


    Mogit is the ultimate addon for shopping transmogs. You can build, save, and share links for loadouts with other players who have the addon. MogIt.rar
  7. Cryptid


    This addon allows you to bypass the normal limit of 20 items per purchase and buy as much as you need at once. BulkBuy.rar
  8. This addon simply allows you to control your addons from within the game, without relogging. ACP.rar
  9. Killshot is an addon that allows you to do several things when you receive a killing blow. This version is modified to let you mention your current killstreak in the say messages with the variable "$x". Killshot (streak mod).rar
  10. Cryptid

    Minimap Clock

    This addon replaces the zone name text on your minimap with a functioning clock, showing your local current time including seconds. MiniMapClock.rar
  11. Cryptid


    A straight forward, call-of-duty style killfeed addon. usage: /kf Killfeed.rar
  12. Cryptid


    RaidRoll creates a simple roll-tracking UI when a raid leader announces an item with raid warning. This addon ignores multiple rolls and manipulated rolls. RaidRoll.rar
  13. Cryptid


    The profiles addon trio allows players to save multiple loadout templates(macros, keybinds, and bar settings) and load them on demand, across characters if necessary. note: The WTF folder setup makes it easy to manually transfer loadouts between accounts as well. Profiles.rar
  14. Usage: /npa NPA is an addon usd for customizing nameplates with several options. Class icons, names, levels, crowd control, cooldowns, etc. can all be modified. You can modifiy their offset, scale, opacity, and more. The last time I checked, this addon has since vanished from websites like curse and curseforge. NPA.rar
  15. Saysapped is an addon that announces that you are sapped with /say. This version has been reworked to indicate that you are being targeted by an arcane mage. Say Arcane.rar
  16. Elephant is a simple-to-use chat log addon. This version has been modified to increase the capacity to effectively infinity. elephant(infinite mod).rar
  17. Chatter is an addon used to interact with the chat window more than the default. Features include clickable URL links and mention alerts. This version has been modified to produce a clickable author name when a message is highlighted. chatter(click mod).rar
  18. 4.3.4 Recount, modded to include the option to report any stats to battleground chat. recount (bg mod).rar
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