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  1. This post is a collection of posted MAC client links found after searching the internet. Websites that appear to be adware/malware rich have been excluded. None of these links have been tested as of the most recent update to this post. wowfreakz [MAGNET] zremax - MAC minimal client [MAGNET] zremax - MAC full client [MAGNET] Blizzard's official 15595 download link [does not seem to work] Warmane - MAC 15595 client installer Warmane - MAC 15595 client installer [#2?] wowdl.net's "Client WoW 4.3.4 Mac FR" wowmortal's 4.3.4 run & play wowmortal's 4.3.4
  2. Post your most useful macros below.
  3. Usage: /npa NPA is an addon usd for customizing nameplates with several options. Class icons, names, levels, crowd control, cooldowns, etc. can all be modified. You can modifiy their offset, scale, opacity, and more. The last time I checked, this addon has since vanished from websites like curse and curseforge. NPA.rar
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