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  1. Each mythic keystone above level 1 will have at least one random, unique effect present in the instance. These are called affixes. In addition to the health and damage increase, there are also an increasing number of extra mechanics you have to watch out for. Here's what each of them do (in ascending order of appearance by level difficulty): Keep in mind that some spell tooltips may not necessarily provide all/correct/accurate information, and serve only as an indicator for the affixes. For the full immersion of the mythic system, we recommend turning up your graphics settings fo
  2. What are they? Mythic Dungeons are a custom addition to our server. The system is based on the retail version of the extra difficulty added to dungeons in 6.2, with recreated effects (affixes), custom rewards, unique items, progressive scaling levels, and much more. We thought adding some spice to old content would be an essential element to re-introduce parts of the game that lose traction over time. How do they work? You have a chance to randomly obtain a level 1 "keystone" from any regular heroic difficulty dungeon. This keystone allows you to enter a special version of the d
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