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  1. counting exercise: how many different places is it mentioned that we arent live
  2. filled empty spot with backup while we are still continuing to look for more members.
  3. we expect behaviour that showcases general interest in the server, as well as the guild. people who get accepted and then don't even bother to as much as replying to a ping, or partake in general discussions can expect themselves to get farmed on launch. if you aren't with us or any of our associated guilds such as <D O N O R S>, and we recognise your name out in the wild, good luck. having that said, theres an open spot in our core group again. refer to the update 2 spots above this one, for more info dm me or lexa (recruiting manager).
  4. core group temp closed as we managed to get +1 and swap the comp around, however you can still apply for backup or out of general interest. looking forward for absolute domination.
  5. Update: We are currently looking for one dedicated person to fill our core group due to an unfortunate turn of events resulting in us having to replace someone for disinterest. Requirements: - Be able to fill in (aka play at top level) for at least one of the following classes: (the rest of us can fill in any role for the comp) Ret/UHDK/Enhance/Arms/Firemage/SVhunter/SP/Demolock/Any healer - preferably with offspec tank/heals if possible for utility - Pass a background/qualification check on the guild discord by mentioning previous experience, past character names, video links, scr
  6. Looking for a home? Think you are above the rest? Baseline content too easy? Tired of noobs and casuals? Wiping on faceroll content in pugs? Look no further. <message deleted> is looking for exceptional players to fill our ranks and dominate all aspects of the game. Whether it be endgame raids, having high level mythic content on farm, playing at R1 level in arenas or RBGs, dominating world PvP, locking down areas or zones, or just being a nuisance in general, our goal is to have a strong presence in all of those aspects of the game. Right out of the gates, we have theorycra
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