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  1. CLASSES Mage Corrected health of Mirror Images Fingers of Frost can no longer proc from non-chill effects Druid Wild Mushrooms will now be displayed as totems beneath player's unit frame Warrior Reworked terrain check for Heroic Leap on angled surfaces DUNGEONS & RAIDS General Dungeon finder item level calculation now matches client equipment screen calculation and is updated without relogging. Corrected item level requirements for Well of Eternity & Hour of Twilight dungeons Corrected Luck of the Draw application logic Group leader flag is now properly removed when party completely disbands. Wailing Caverns Corrected positioning of Lady Anacondra & Skum Bastion of Twilight Halfus Wyrmbreaker Fixed spell rotation Corrected internal cooldown of Furious Roar Corrected cursor icons for Drakes & Whelp cage Whelp cage cannot be opened before starting the fight Whelps now move out of the cage upon being released before they start attacking Valiona & Theralion Fixed flying "airwalk" animations Cho'gall Throne and Portal objects are no longer clickable or interfere with LOS Corrected behaviour for Corrupting Adherent & Blood of the Old God Corrected models for Darkened Creation Sinestra Shadowy Orbs no longer melee attack players while fixated Firelands General Mobs can no longer take damage from lava pools Added waypoints to 15 NPCs, Flamewakers are now roaming in packs Flamewake Animators are now channeling a summon effect Scripted Unstable Magma pack event Scripted Kar the Everburning fight sequence Kar's retreat is now an announcement instead of a yell Cinderweb Spinners are now restraining a Molten Lord and an Inferno Hawk on the pathway of Beth'tilac's Lair Scripted Molten Spewer & Molten Erupter Shannox Hurl Spear now properly displays the spear's location Added/Corrected 18 voicelines, corrected quote chances Baleroc Boss has been slightly repositioned Implemented all quotes and voicelines Boss now properly reports his first kill Alysrazor Plump Lava Worms now properly spin and cast Lava Spew Fiery tornados hitbox radius now matches their visuals better Dragon Soul Hagara the Stormbinder's Frozen Binding Crystals can no longer melee attack nearby players Twilight Sapper is now Humanoid PVP General The Flag of Ownership will now be centered on the closest hostile player's corpse, and properly displays text emote on use Reworked cooldowns resetting for duels in Elwynn Forest / Durotar Forfeiting a duel during the countdown timer will count as a forfeit rather than a deny Cleaned up rules for whispering cross faction battleground teammates Twin Peaks Leaving players will drop the opponents' flag rather than returning it Strand of the Ancients Added a barrel to the docks to prevent players getting stuck between stanchions Eye of the Storm Added missing flag capture visual to Fel Reaver ruins QUESTS Mount Hyjal & Molten Front Corrected health of Unbound Flame Spirits Reworked phasing system, fixed problem with entering Firelands raid Created/Reworked/Improved scripts/phasing for 112 NPCs/items/objects/bunnies/spells Spawned/repositioned several bunnies/creatures Fixed dialogue for Vision of Ysera Updated and fixed quest templates for Molten Front Fixed quest givers and returns for Guardians of Hyjal: Call of the Ancients & Firelands Invasion! Reworked area, repositioned creatures and objects, moved correct npcs to correct phases, spawned missing npcs Call the Flock - fixed achievement http://cdn.cavernoftime.com/cata/icons/medium/ability_hunter_eagleeye.gif Ludicrous Speed Reworked RP event scene for Leyara Created pool of daily quests available at the same time in The Regrowth The Scarlet Enclave Updated quest templates, corrected flags, corrected quest chains, fixed quest markers on minimap Reworked zone phasing for 7 phases Hid ~30 bunnies around the zone, repositioned lots of NPCs, removed teleporters Scripted/added waypoints/events/weapons/models for 108 NPCs Corrected interactability/behaviour of 17 objects/spells Fixed phasing in Death's Breach, moved creatures to proper phases, repositioned mobs, updated npc auras and states Corrected flight speed of Scourge Gryphon Decreased spawn time for all creatures to 2 minutes How To Win Friends And Influence Enemies - increased chance of success event Corrected objective log text for Warchief's Blessing, corrected portal destination, added mini events for guards upon arrival Westfall Players can no longer kill NPCs after they had given clues during Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me Decreased Lou's Parting Thoughts event intervals to 30 seconds Corrected visual aesthetics for Feeding the Hungry and the Hopeless, Secrets of the Tower, Propaganda Gilneas Druids can no longer get stuck during escort quests (such as Exodus) or cutscenes while in shapeshift form MISC Corrected calculations for stacking damage cooldowns (offensive/defensive, increase/reduction, incoming/dealt, etc.) Laid foundations of scripts for Potion of Illusion Fixed gossip for trainers who offer Dual Talent Specialization Various SAI improvements. POLLS Added 3 items missing from Dalaran vendors, corrected prices, and added Heirloom rings/legs Laid foundations for Cross-faction Auction House All previous changelogs are archived on our forums. You can access them by clicking here.
  2. CLASSES Mage Arcane Missiles! will no longer proc with Brain Freeze (all ranks) or Hot Streak talents active Ring of Frost now continues to freeze opponents if the mage is affected by any other crowd control effect other than Cyclone or a frost lockout Rogue Savage Combat (both ranks) will now properly get removed from the rogue's targets out of combat Druid Hibernate is now on the Disorient DR Corrected damage calculations of Thorns for feral druids out of shapeshift forms Shaman Lava Burst will now check for Unleash Flame on impact and recalculate damage if it was active on cast but consumed during travel Paladin Conviction (all ranks) can no longer proc from the HoT effect of Holy Radiance Death Knight Ebon Plague no longer gets applied from spells stolen by Dark Simulacrum Unholy Blight is no longer affected by resilience DUNGEONS & RAIDS Dragon Soul Heroic Will's root effect will now properly get removed if the effect ends before the full duration PVP General Fixed crash with players interrupting channeled spells in PvP scenarios Battle Standards will now adapt to cross faction Corrected Shadow Sight (eyes) spawn times to an universal 90 seconds Unholy Death Knights can no longer buff their pets with Shadow Infusion during the preparation phase Isle of Conquest Fixed crash related to transports QUESTS Gilneas Fixed worgen questline, updated quest templates, corrected flags, fixed combat bugs, panels now close on completion properly, double popups no longer occur on discovery type quests Implemented 9 progressive phases and their settings, added cutscenes Corrected scripts/positioning/gossip/behaviour/movement speed for 182 NPCs/events/objects/items/spell targets Corrected 7700 gestures/emotions during creatures saying text/voicelines Westfall Updated quest templates, corrected flags, reworked zone phasing for 8 phases Corrected scripts/behaviour/positioning/phasing/spawn points for 172 NPCs/items/events WORLD Cleaned up ~10k NPCs MISC All diminishing returns will have a random reset timer between 15s and 20s, up from a static 15s Reworked randomness for Noggenfogger Elixir's effect applications Parachute (Flexweave Underlay) now properly fades when user hits the ground Corrected legacy PvP item prices in Area 52, Netherstorm All previous changelogs are archived on our forums. You can access them by clicking here.
  3. CLASSES Shaman Elemental Reach (both ranks) will now properly increase radius of Fire Nova Hunter Mend Pet no longer ignores distance limit between the caster and the pet without a target selected DUNGEONS & RAIDS General Not accepting / declining the Dungeon Finder queue pop now grants 3 minutes of Dungeon Deserter Corrected immunity checks for 46 total NPCs Blackrock Caverns Corrected Twilight Zealots position during the Corla, Herald of Twilight fight The Stonecore Corborus is no longer skippable, Thrashing Charge bunny is now untargetable Grim Batol Soften them Up quest credit is now only given to players who are riding a Battered Red Drake Engulfing Flames is now on the global cooldown End Time Corrected Fragments Collected counter visibility on the Echo of Jaina fight PVP General Fixed Rated BG scoreboard (except Rating Change column) ( Before / After ) Corrected cross faction emblem animations for Every Man of Himself and PvP trinkets All druid shapeshift forms will now adjust to crossfaction race models 142 faction-related mounts will now morph into a crossfaction counterpart while a player is not on their home team Worgens are no longer able to cast Two Forms if playing for the Horde Free Action Potion now lasts 6 seconds Capturing bases in Battlegrounds now display the red fiery helix visual effect Changing Arena team captains will properly delete duplicate teams of the old captain in that bracket Deleting Arena teams now sweeps for any existing teams of the type and the owner Tol Barad Corrected minigame HUD Ruins of Lordaeron Added multiple collision objects to prevent certain AOE spells from hitting through gravestones Alterac Valley Added waypoints to ~40 NPCs QUESTS Kezan & The Lost Isles Corrected gender values for all remaining quests Rolling with my Homies - Grab Passenger now works as intended, player is no longer stunned inside vehicle, Ace is now correctly indicated on the minimap Players now properly get dismounted inside buildings, Hot Rod can be only summoned outside Running over Hired Looters during Robbing Hoods will automatically kill and loot them Necessary Roughness - improved scripts, will always spawn enough mobs, fixed visual bug where some robots were invisible Waltz Right In - disguise now gets properly applied even when player is inside vehicle Players should no longer get "incorrect" on proper inputs during The Great Bank Heist Improved behaviour / added roaming for Ravenous Lurkers and The Hammer Miner Troubles & Capturing the Unknown are now offered at the same time Reduced damage taken from mobs during Weed Whacker Infrared Heat Focals & Orc Scout are now properly removed after turning in Infrared = Infradead Mobs are now fighting during Get to the Gyrochoppa! Mechachicken now properly retaliates and casts Deadly Egg Barrage Pygmy Helmet only disappears after turning in Oomlot Village Movement speed is properly restored after getting slowed with Super Booster Rocket Boots on, mobs are no longer idle when player has buff Added teleports and transition effects to Rocket Boot Boosts & Victory! Added explosion to mines on the Tranquil Coast, they can no longer explode after having been detonated by the quest item Gnomeregan Stealth Fighters now attack back during The Pride of Kezan Kaja'Cola Zero-One can now only drop/be looted during the quests it's needed for Rescued goblins no longer disappear Throw It On the Ground! - Blastshadow's Soulstone now spawns on top of the corpse of Blastshadow the Brutemaster instead of his spawn location Corrected minecart pathing during Wild Mine Cart Ride Added some delay after exiting vehicles to prevent camera getting stuck in first person mode Gilneas Fixed first chapter of questline (Gilneas City), updated quest templates, corrected flags Fixed all class quests available for the Worgen race Reworked 5 progressive phases Scripted ~50 NPCs/objects/items/spells (damage, emotes, gossip, events, interactability, AI, spawns/despawns, waypoints, position, etc) Added ~3 questline transition cutscenes WORLD Cleaned up ~10000 NPCs (reposition/delete/add/visuals) Before / After MISC Pets will no longer move towards friendly units when the owner buffs them Worgen and Goblin players will now properly get every racial ability updated after race/faction changing Guild Herald is now holding the guild banner Players who get muted at the character selection screen will be disconnected Death Knights will need to level up the same number of levels as any other class to talk (in case of chat level restrictions) Blocked possible exploits that would allow players to gain talents under level 10 Potion cooldowns no longer check for "Encounter in progress" Scripted No'Kaled, the Elements of Death (all versions) damage procs - attacks performed by one hand can no longer proc damage of the other, excluded Main Gauche
  4. Teams and rules to be announced...
  5. CLASSES Warrior Bloodsurge now properly increases Slam and Slam Off-Hand damage Corrected damage scaling for Raging Blow Off-Hand, Slam Off-Hand, and Fury off-hand Auto Attack Paladin Corrected Word of Glory scaling Mage Chilled can no longer grant Fingers of Frost charges and can no longer proc from ranged physical abilities Frostfire Bolt damage is now properly boosted by Fire Specialization DUNGEONS & RAIDS Blackrock Caverns Corrected Runty positioning, applies Berserk to boss on death Ascendant Lord Obsidius will now always pull together with all Shadows of Obsidius Scripted Evolved Twilight Zealot's Gravity Strike Stonecore Corrected Corborus spawn, can no longer be skipped, Thrashing Charge indicator is no longer visible Corrected Crystal Shard behaviour Corrected Slabhide intro pathing and behaviour Fixed High Priestess Azil's Energy Shield Throne of the Tides Players using an immunity such as Ice Block to remove Mindbender Ghur'sha's Enslave will no longer die from the spell "expiring" on Heroic and Mythic difficulty, the fight resets properly on group wipe The Vortex Pinnacle Corrected range check for Altairus' Lightning Blast Asaad is no longer interruptible Grim Batol Reworked movement for Battered Red Drake, scripted Engulfing Flames Fixed Soften them Up quest credit NPCs Corrected Forgemaster Throngus' Burning Flames stacks application speed and logic, Personal Phalanx now blocks auto attacks as well Drahga Shadowburner fight now resets properly, corrected Valiona's ground state animations Faceless Corruptors now attack players after Twilight Corruption, their movement speed now resets correctly after reducing aura expires Scripted Ascendant Waterlasher's Lightning Cloud Scripted Azureborn Seer's Warped Twilight End Time Fixed visual link for Echo of Sylvanas' Risen Ghouls, Seeping Shadows now stacks correctly Undying Flames now deal damage and move around at the Obsidian Dragonshrine Scripted Time-Twisted Seer's Call Flames & Sear Flesh Scripted Time-Twisted Breaker's Rupture Ground PVP General Corrected ~50 Battleground announcement chat notifications to show more accurate information (grammar, format, etc) Fixed Rated Battleground timer visual Implemented dynamic weights to balance Random Battlegrounds Votekicking from BGs will remove players properly when the second debuff fades Twin Peaks Entering the Alliance Base via the western door without jumping now dismounts players properly Strand of the Ancients Added immunity to Demolishers Isle of Conquest All bombs are now respawning properly Corrected ending message and rewards Arathi Basin Corrected sound effect on initial base assaults Alterac Valley Corrected health and mana for 6 NPCs Archers no longer force friendly units into combat Bosses and Marshals will properly call for assistance when aggroed Icewing Marshal will no longer buff players or incorrect NPCs QUESTS Kezan & The Lost Isles Fixed questlines, updated templates, corrected flags, panels now close properly on quest completion Reworked phasing in the zone, removed ~10 old custom NPCs Improved scripts/events/item spells for ~45 quests Restored quest objective/gossip menu for ~10 quests Scripted/phased/repositioned ~230 NPCs/objects Separated 3 quests for Male/Female characters Corrected drop rates for ~15 items Corrected all class specific quests Sister Goldskimmer is no longer spamming buffs Evol Fingers & Fizz Lighter are now casting spells on each other Added conditions for The Keys to the Hot Rod Liberate the Kaja'mite - scripted Kaja'mite Deposit and quest item spell target, now spawns parts properly on object hit Waltz Right In - disguise now disappears when entering combat, instantly refreshes itself when leaving combat Goblin Escape Pods - Thermohydratic Flippers now apply/fade properly Get Our Stuff Back! - quest objects are no longer selectable without quest in log, decreased spawntime Corrected minimap objective tracker visual indicator for Who's Top of the Food Chain Now? Release the Valves - added visual "steam" effect after the valves are turned WORLD General Scripted, fixed loot, updated damage, corrected respawn timer for ~45 rare spawns and ~135 treasure chests in starter zones Players can now get Rested experience in Goldshire Visually revamped 40 total zones/areas in Eastern Kingdoms & Kalimdor, by doing the following: NPCs: (~18000 total) Population reduced by 50% - 409 Population reduced by 90% - 3 Removed - 272 Corrected: Models - 13 Weapons - 35 Gravity - 333 Roaming - 316 Movement speed - 207 Waypoints - 103 Phase - 126 Animations - 16 Auras - 12 Behaviour - 11 Immunities - 78 Faction - 1 Level - 1 Position - 48 Objects: Properties - 42 Removed - 12 Position - 2 Phase - 9 MISC Fixed issue with auctions sometimes not showing the set price correctly Reworked guild perk Cash Flow, now should sum up and add only one report log per week Added basic rate limits for vendoring items and sending messages in various channels for spam prevention Increased friends and ignore list cap from 50 to 200 Traveler's Tundra Mammoth passengers can now be ejected properly Added Reckful (Rogue Trainer) tribute NPC to Stormwind Cathedral - slightly different model, emote reactions in progress
  6. DUNGEONS & RAIDS General Updated ~10 dungeon related NPCs to be uninterruptable / immune to various CC effects Lost City of the Tol'Vir Lightning Charge now stacks properly MYTHICS Revamped killcount list in Blackrock Caverns Bolstering stacks now updates NPC current and maximum health as intended Quaking no longer affects dead players Fixed potential server crasher in Throne of the Tides Excluded Grievous and Quaking from the Baron Ashbury fight due to environmental/mechanical issues making the fight impossible / significantly harder than intended Objective trackers (timer and killcount) no longer award quest completion credit during the mythic challenge. PVP Strand of the Ancients Corrected round 2 start timers Line of Sight through destroyed gates will no longer be blocked Alterac Valley Added 3 missing bonfires Added missing Frostwolf Wolf Riders, Frostwolf Wolf Rider Commanders, Frostwolf Stable Masters Twin Peaks Flag carriers who return to their graveyards alive will have their carried flag reset QUESTS Dun Morogh Decontamination - Corrected Sanitron 500's behaviour The Arts of a Mage - Fixed objective tracker related issues A Job for the Multi-Bot - GS-9x Multi-Bot no longer disappears before intended Added minimap indicator for Dark Iron Scheming objective Players should no longer get stuck inside the placed banners during Rallying the Defenders Corrected Magis Sparkmantle behaviour Teldrassil Corrected Night Elf questline - updated quest templates, corrected flags, quest panel now closes properly on completion, added missing storyline RP events Fixed ~30 quest related items - can no longer be looted without quest, or while they are already in bags or bank, fixed spell targeting, added sparkling effect to objects, added minimap indicators Scripted, corrected spawn timers and fixed visuals for ~45 different NPCs - weapons, stance, positions, behaviour, added waypoints, corrected movement speed, phases, etc Looting Timberling no longer requires Herbalism Removed ~200 duplicate creatures in Teldrassil Tarindrella now has spells, helps the player during combat and despawns properly after the player leaves the area Added transports for Signs of Things to Come and To Darnassus Corrected Gnarlpine Mystic's damage The Vengeance of Elune - Vengeance of Elune is now properly applied/removed, fixed spell targets and overrides, quest mobs awarding XP Scripted Mist Eversong Woods Corrected respawn timer for all Quest related NPCs and objects in Eversong Woods Mmmrrrggglll now patrols the Golden Strand Azuremyst Isle Corrected Draenei questline - updated quest templates, corrected flags, quest panel now closes properly after handing in certain quests Fixed ~35 items/objects, now they can't be looted without quest in log/when already completed/when item is in bank or bags, corrected drop rates, fixed related spells, etc Reworked/improved scripts for ~40 NPCs, corrected movement speed, positions, animations, etc Removed ~400 duplicate creatures in the zone Healing the Lake - added cutscene "never seen before on any private server" MISC Innkeepers and various other city NPCs have been repositioned and had their orientations corrected, they should no longer be facing the wrong way Updated ~22k NPCs movement, added/removed random pathing All previous changelogs are archived on our forums. You can access them by clicking here.
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