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  1. DUNGEONS & RAIDS General Updated ~10 dungeon related NPCs to be uninterruptable / immune to various CC effects Lost City of the Tol'Vir Lightning Charge now stacks properly MYTHICS Revamped killcount list in Blackrock Caverns Bolstering stacks now updates NPC current and maximum health as intended Quaking no longer affects dead players Fixed potential server crasher in Throne of the Tides Excluded Grievous and Quaking from the Baron Ashbury fight due to environmental/mechanical issues making the fight impossible /
  2. DUNGEONS & RAIDS The Vortex Pinnacle Linked NPCs (such as Turbulent Squall) should no longer get stuck if the one the others are linked to dies Excluded Skyfall Stars and Altairus' Chilling Breath from mythic mode mechanics due to overscaling MYTHICS Bolstering buffs can no longer reset duration when a new stack is applied, stacks now reset properly after group wipe Replaced Tyrannical spells used for visual buffs on bosses Implemented kill credit objectives (Enemy Forces % counter) in the Challenge Mode timer Replac
  3. DUNGEONS & RAIDS Lost City of Tol'Vir Corrected Augh's Dragon's Breath - now deals 20k instant fire damage instead of low constant ticks, no longer happens during other abilities PVP General Cross-faction battlegrounds will now select morphs based on player class. Favoured pairs are now Human-Undead, Dwarf-Orc, Gnome-Goblin, NightElf-BloodElf, Draenei-Tauren, Worgen-Troll where possible, instead of defaults. Arathi Basin Workers will now properly appear and do their job after a point is captured. (Added workers/pumpkins/horses, correct
  4. CLASSES Hunter Focus gained from both ranks of Termination, Glyph of Dazzled Prey, and Hunter T13 2P Bonus can now properly stack together Fixed core issue with Glyph of Silencing Shot only working against players DUNGEONS & RAIDS Lost City of Tol'Vir Feral Spirit Link no longer spreads to enemies out of combat Fixed issue with the entrance portal not being visible in heroic mode Bastion of Twilight Worshipping players now properly turn hostile for others while channeling Cho'gall no longer targets or faces his
  5. CLASSES Mage Rescripted Hot Streak & Improved Hot Streak, corrected proc chances Priest Added missing visuals to Cauterizing Flame ( T12 Healer 4P Bonus ), corrected targeting priority Corrected mana gained from Rapture with T13 Healer 4P Bonus Corrected damage scaling of Holy Word: Chastise, Holy Fire, and Smite with all ranks of Twin Disciplines Rogue Vendetta now disappears from targets when the rogue switches specs Druid Savage Defense now stacks properly Hunter Corrected T13 2P bonus effect application logic Shaman Corrected Healing Rain now benefits from Te
  6. CLASSES Mage Glyph of Icy Veins now correctly removes poison-based effects Corrected mana gained from Glyph of Mage Armor Corrected DoT effect of Glyph of Frostfire Priest Added missing HoT effect for Devouring Plague Corrected HP gained from Glyph of Power Word: Shield Mass Dispel can no longer miss on friendly targets Corrected mana gained from Divine Fire (Priest T12 Healer 2P Bonus effect) Warlock Corrected Voidwalker's HP gained from Glyph of Voidwalker Druid Savage Roar and Nourish now properly benefit from Clearcasting Corrected all ranks of Heart of the Wild
  7. Happy new year nerds! One year has passed and during this time we've done a ton of work and we're happy to announce that we are in fact nearing completion. An update regarding spells and PvP! As of right now we've gone through and reworked the vast majority of all spells and their issues. We're at the point where we're having trouble finding critical issues related to spells/CC/DR and overall PvP mechanics. I am certain that Neltharion will, without a doubt, become the most polished and well scripted Cataclysm server in terms of PvP. Surely things will show up as time goes on but we wi
  8. The official Discord for Neltharion! A vast majority of our community can be found in here. Click the image down below to join!
  9. PVP/PVE ? - Our realm Neltharion is a PvP realm. What will the experience rates be? - x7. What patch will Neltharion be? - We're looking at providing a fully developed 4.3.4 patch. Do you have plans for later expansions? - No we do not and that is not likely to change, ever. What are you doing to fight hackers? - We've been working very hard on introducing a very advanced anticheat that will completely prevent certain hacks. More information can be found here. Ultimately it will be near impossible to use fly, speed or teleportation hacks. Can I transfer my characters to your rea
  10. Contacting Support For help with reporting players and in-game issues please contact a Gamemaster. Provided point system is not eligible for support. Support Channels General Support (general inquiries, donation issues and ban appeals). Head Moderator Questions about Forum Moderators, Forum Rules and changing Forum name. Staff: Questions about Gamemasters, In-Game Rules or Moderators. For account issues please contact Wufc or Radioactive.
  11. CLASSES Warlock Corrected health and mana gained from Glyph of Soulstone Corrected movement speed increase gain for Glyph of Eye of Kilrogg Priest Spirit of Redemption can no longer die prematurely Mind Vision no longer persists through stealth effects in rated battlegrounds Druid Corrected health gained from Glyph of Rebirth Tauren Druids now have Wrath on their action bar by default Fungal Growth slow effect can no longer miss Fixed momentum effect after leaving Flight Form & Swift Flight Form Hunter Fixed Focus Fire visual indicator sometimes getting stuck on
  12. CLASSES Druid Swift Flight Form now replaces Flight Form Warrior 2 warriors charging eachother will now swap places Battle Stance is now automatically applied after character creation Vigilance no longer persists on target after changing specs Death Knight Dancing Rune Weapon is no longer targettable/attackable, deals correct damage, no longer ignores hit/expertise rating of the player Frost Presence is now automatically applied after character creation Void-Touched now applies to the target instead of the caster
  13. CLASSES Shaman Fixed Elemental Reach not stacking with Totemic Reach Fixed Searing Totem being aggressive to neutral NPCs Druid Fixed Lunar Shower not generating Lunar energy after Solar Eclipse Fixed Shooting Stars proc being consumed if a Starsurge cast was already in progress Added missing debuff Recently Shapeshifted for players with Tier 13 Feral 4-set Death Knight Fixed Death and Decay not dealing damage if caster had Anti-Magic Shell active Fixed Glyph of Resilient Grip Mage Corrected Flam
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